Haadthip Eyes Alcoholic Drink Production Amid Tourism Surge

Haadthip Plc is planning to manufacture alcoholic drinks in Thailand, driven by the increase in tourism in the south.

The firm’s CEO, Maj Gen Patchara Rattakul, mentioned plans to introduce licensed alcohol brands affiliated with the Coca-Cola Company in Thailand. Details regarding the product launch schedule remain undisclosed.

As the sole bottler for Coca-Cola and various other drinks in Thailand’s southern region, Haadthip handles 12 brands, including Minute Maid Splash and Namthip water.

Maj Gen Patchara highlighted the resurgence of Thailand’s tourism sector, expecting to welcome 30 million international tourists this year, which falls short of the government’s aim of 35 million.

Current statistics from the Tourism and Sports Ministry show that 6.7 million tourists have visited so far, meeting only 20% of the year’s forecast of 35-40 million by the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

The Meteorological Department predicts this year’s hot season temperatures to exceed last year’s by 1-2 degrees Celsius, reaching up to 40-41 degrees Celsius in southern areas.

In 2023, Haadthip announced record revenue of 7.8 billion baht, its highest in five years, with a 13.6% increase from the previous year.

The company’s net profit surged by 38.8% to 598 million baht from the previous year.

Maj Gen Patchara reiterated the company’s 2023 revenue achievement of 7.8 billion baht, a five-year high and a 13.6% rise from 2022.

With positive tourism trends in the south and anticipated hotter temperatures, Haadthip forecasts a 6-8% growth this year.

“Soft drink sales in the southern market have a higher growth rate than in other regions,” said Maj Gen Patchara.

He revealed that an investment of 800 million baht is planned for a new glass bottle production line in the Poon Pin district, Surat Thani, expected to be operational by the end of 2024.

This investment aims to boost glass bottle sales from 3% to 4.5-5% over the next 2-3 years and reduce long-term packaging costs.

“We believe glass bottles will allow us to better manage packaging material costs as they are fully recyclable, reducing the use of plastic for packaging as we aim to meet our sustainability commitments,” said Maj Gen Patchara.

Haadthip’s 2023 revenue hit a five-year high at 7.8 billion baht, with a 13.6% increase from 2022, thanks to its Coca-Cola bottle production.

Additionally, the company is set to invest 500 million baht to expand a warehouse in Surat Thani by 10,000 square meters.

Haadthip is also looking to launch new products that cater to Thai consumer preferences.

The firm is optimistic about the growth potential in its no-sugar drink line, which experienced a 31% increase in 2023.

Maj Gen Patchara stated, “Currently, no-sugar drinks constitute just 3% of our total sales, but our goal is to increase this figure to 10% within the next five years.”

Haadthip is determined to strengthen its position as the market leader across the 14 southern provinces, aiming to achieve 15 billion baht in revenue and secure a 35% market share in the non-alcoholic beverage sector by 2032.