Huawei Set To Establish AI and Cloud Training Hub in Thailand

The Chinese tech giant, Huawei, has agreed to establish a center aimed at enhancing the skills of Thai workers in the realms of artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud technologies, as reported by Prasert Jantararuangtong, the Minister of Digital Economy and Society.

Mr. Prasert stated last week that the center is designed to train 50,000 individuals within a five-year timeframe.

He added that the initiative is anticipated to yield 60 billion baht in income for these professionals, mitigate the scarcity of personnel in AI and cloud technologies in Thailand, and transform the nation into a regional hub for AI and cloud innovation.

He expressed his assurance that the center developed by Huawei would also serve as a magnet for other leading technology companies to channel investments into the nation.

These remarks were made post his attendance at the APAC National ICT Roundtable 2023 on Wednesday, a segment of the three-day-long Huawei Connect 2023 occasion in Shanghai.

The Huawei Connect 2023, concluding on Friday last week, unite industry leaders, technological experts, collaborators, developers, and industry stakeholders globally to unearth innovative prospects for a tech-driven future.

Furthermore, Mr. Prasert invited over 20 Chinese tech firms in Shanghai to establish their main offices in Thailand, aligning with the ministry’s agenda to boost investments in innovative technologies and open new revenue streams.

Chawapol Jariyawiroj, the head of Huawei Technologies Thailand, said the company’s ongoing commitment to investment in Thailand, emphasizing particularly on skills enhancement.

“We need to reskill and upskill existing workforces and students to create more developers and more application use-cases,” he stated.

He highlighted the company’s intention to incorporate AI across diverse sectors including government, healthcare, retail, and manufacturing.

“We see opportunity in cloud computing for government, and more utilisation of the 5G network in enterprises and industries,” said Mr Chawapol.

He pointed out Thailand’s Meteorological Department’s intentions to employ Huawei’s Pangu-Weather model, a superior AI model for global weather predictions, to enhance weather forecasting in Thailand.

This model boasts a phenomenal increase in prediction speed, plummeting global weather forecasting time to mere seconds.