Nok Air Ends Mae Hong Son Route Due to Fleet Adjustment

On Wednesday, the last commercial flight from Don Mueang International Airport in Bangkok to Mae Hong Son Airport in Northern Province took place, marking the end of air connectivity for the northwestern province.

Operated by Nok Air, this route provided travelers easy access to the picturesque region, known for its natural beauty and popular backpacker destinations.

Mae Hong Son is a sought-after travel destination with a rich cultural heritage and stunning landscapes.

It is located just a two-hour mountain drive from the well-known backpacker hotspot of Pai, and a mere three hours from Salween National Park, which lies along the border with Myanmar.

The discontinuation of the route is a result of Nok Air replacing their Q400 aircraft with larger Boeing 787-800 jets.

Although the Mae Hong Son Ministry of Commerce confirmed that these new planes can land at the local airport, the increased passenger capacity renders the route financially unfeasible.

This development comes as a significant setback for the northwestern province, as Nok Air had already announced the termination of their Chiang Mai to Mae Hong Son route late last year.

That particular route offered a quicker alternative for travelers on the “Mae Hong Son Loop,” a tourist trail favored by bikers.

Following these changes, Mae Hong Son, Pai, and Salween National Park are now only accessible by road from Chiang Mai.

The loss of air connectivity is expected to impact the region’s tourism industry, as travelers will need to make additional arrangements to reach these stunning destinations.

However, the province’s untouched beauty and cultural allure are sure to continue drawing visitors seeking an authentic and off-the-beaten-path experience.