SF Development Invests 200M Baht To Boost Traffic, Spending

SF Development Co, the company behind Megabangna shopping mall, has allocated a marketing budget of 200 million baht to boost the number of visitors and their average spend by 10% to 15%.

The vice-president of marketing at the company, Wanwimon Ordeedolchest, stated that this budget would fund a variety of events, activities, campaigns, and app developments designed to draw more customers to Megabangna.

“We will hold events and activities at Megabangna that target specific groups, particularly pet lovers and the aging population, who are high-spending consumers”, Mrs. Wanwimon stated.

Megabangna is focusing on attracting pet lovers and the elderly as new segments of their customer base, with pet owners comprising 40% of the mall’s customer base last year.

To appeal to a younger audience, including university students and young professionals, the company is enhancing its digital platforms, a group that comprised 22% of the mall’s visitors.

The goal is to increase the mall’s visitor count by 10%, reaching over 58 million in 2024, up from 53 million the previous year.

In the past year, daily visitor numbers exceeded 120,000 on weekdays and 220,000 on weekends, marking a 10% increase from 2022.

The majority of visitors, about 81%, came for dining, while 32% shopped for lifestyle items, and 23% for home and decor products. Families accounted for 53% of the shoppers, and 78% arrived by private vehicle.

Mrs. Wanwimon predicts that “Spending per bill will increase by 10-15% from 4,500 baht in 2023, which rose from 3,700 baht in 2022. The amount last year was close to that of shopping malls based in inner city locations”.

Megabangna boasts a fully occupied retail space of 220,000 square meters, housing 900 kiosks and stores.

Since its launch in 2019, the Megabangna app has gained 360,000 members, with 35% being active users.

“We have a variety of offerings at Megabangna that can appeal to all market segments, from the middle to upper-end segments”, Mrs. Wanwimon said.

“We believe our catchment area will expand as Bang Na-Trat is growing and becoming more crowded”.