Thai Union Donates 30,000 Cat Food Cans to Pet Shelters

Thai Union Group PCL, the world’s leading seafood company and Bellotta’s owner, has donated 30,000 Bellotta cat food cans to pet shelters and volunteers across the country in recent weeks.

Donations went to several pet organizations and shelters in Bangkok and Songkhla. The group included The Hope Thailand and Four Legs Find Love page, Sunak Rim Rua (Sadao), Smiledog Home Hatyai, and a pet shelter in Songkhla that works to rescue needy street cats and dogs to find homes for them.

It brought the company’s total cat food donations to 40,080 units so far this year.

In February, Thai Union delivered 10,080 cans of pet food to the Rakmaw For Stray Cats Foundation. They were used to help other cat shelters, hospitals, and temples all over Thailand. The Company representatives have said that it is committed to giving back and helping its communities, both human and animal.

The shelters and organizations that received the donations will help distribute the food to shelters and volunteers who feed stray cats.

The number of animals in need has continued to rise amid the COVID-19 resurgence. Peerabun Charoenvai, the President of The Hope Thailand, said he appreciated the Thai Union’s ongoing concern for disadvantaged animals and thanked the company for the donation, saying that it would encourage shelters and volunteers to continue helping pets.

Vipavadee Thungphotrakool, the owner page of Four Legs Find Love and Pet Volunteer, will distribute the donation she received to eight cat shelters in the capital.

She said she was “delighted to be the intermediary between Thai Union as the product donor and the cat shelters who receive the pet food.”