Srettha Vows Safety for Thais Amid Escalating Border Conflict

Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin expressed deep concern over the rising tensions along the Thai-Myanmar border. He has vowed to provide humanitarian aid as needed and to ensure the safety of Thai citizens.

Recent updates reveal a large-scale evacuation of thousands of refugees from the conflict zone.

Conflicts between anti-government groups and Myanmar military forces near the Second Friendship Bridge on the Myanmar side, opposite the Mae Sot district in Tak province, have caused many to flee into Thailand from Friday evening to Saturday morning.

Srettha shared on X that he has been closely following the clashes between military forces near the Second Friendship Bridge since early Saturday, voicing significant worry.

He emphasized his desire to prevent the conflict from affecting Thailand’s territorial integrity or sovereignty. He reaffirmed Thailand’s readiness to offer humanitarian aid and protect its citizens’ safety.

Nikorndej Balankura, spokesperson for the Foreign Ministry, reported that the ministry is diligently monitoring the situation, with Thai security forces keenly guarding the border to prevent any breaches of sovereignty.

Mr. Nikorndej added that Thailand is dedicated to ensuring the highest safety for residents in the area, prepared to offer humanitarian aid when necessary, and committed to restoring peace along the Thai-Myanmar border.

Fighting broke out in Myawaddy, Myanmar, from Friday evening. Before the Songkran Festival, opposition forces had taken control of this key economic hub.

Over 200 soldiers from the Myanmar military government are currently seeking refuge near the Ye Pu area by the Moei River checkpoint, across from Ban Wang Takhian Tai on the Thai side, and have yet to surrender their arms.

The Myanmar anti-government military used drones to bomb the positions of government forces on Friday night, leading to prolonged fighting noises until 4 am on Saturday.

The fighting resumed at 7 am near the Second Border Checkpoint in Myawaddy, facing Mae Sot.

Thai troops have been stationed to maintain peace and secure the border area near the Second Friendship Bridge following nearby clashes and reports of explosives dropped close to the Thai side.

More than 200 refugees from Myawaddy, including young children and the elderly, are trying to enter Thailand through natural paths in Mae Sot after opposition forces used explosives.

The Thai military, however, has stated that refugees cannot yet enter, insisting that crossings must occur at designated legal checkpoints, specifically the First Immigration Checkpoint in Mae Sot district.

The Thai government had earlier set up disaster relief centers in Mae Sot, Phop Phra, and Mae Ramat districts.

By the afternoon, Myanmar citizens had begun to cross into Thailand gradually, with over 1,200 people crossing since Saturday morning.

The conflict continues unabated on the Myanmar side of the Myawaddy border, with the military government deploying helicopters armed with machine guns and missiles and conducting airstrikes with MiG-29 fighter jets against opposition forces.