Tyson Foods Opens New “Meat Fresh” Outlets in Thailand

Tyson Foods, a leading global producer and distributor of protein items based in the United States, revealed plans to open more “Meat Fresh” locations, featuring premium fresh and frozen cooked chicken products along with plant-based options in Thailand.

The firm is launching new outlets in Min Buri Market and Suanplern Market to increase its distribution footprint.

Mr. Tan Sun, President of Tyson Foods Asia-Pacific Ltd., comments: “Tyson Foods is growing the Meat Fresh store network to offer high-quality products and ingredients to food service providers and end users.”

“This expansion is also in line with the rising demand for quality Tyson products. Tyson Foods opened its first Meat Fresh store [in Thailand] in August last year and received very positive responses from customers,” he stated.

He went on to say “We have seen the demand grow consistently over the past six months. Therefore, we have decided to continue to expand more stores this year, starting with the Min Buri Market and Suanplern Market branches opening on March 29.”

“Meat Fresh primarily offers the ‘Kai Pan Sook’ brand which offers high value products produced in facilities with international standards that consistently deliver fresh, hygienic products,” he added.

“Kai Pan Sook offers multiple cuts of chilled chicken products such as whole chicken, chicken thigh, middle wing, and other high demand parts. Popular frozen cooked products such as chicken nuggets, fried chicken steaks (patties), and chicken pops are also offered.”

“We sincerely hope Kai Pan Sook brand will be among the top brands in customers’ minds when thinking of affordable and quality chicken products. At Meat Fresh, our highly demanded Tyson cooked poultry products and First Pride plant-based meat alternative products are also available,” said Mr Tan Sun.

Tyson Foods’ expansion in the poultry and plant-based meat sectors in Thailand has broadened the selection for consumers in the ready-to-cook and ready-to-eat meal market.

Those interested can purchase Tyson Foods products at these three “Meat Fresh” locations: Meat Fresh (Talaad Thai branch), open every day from 4am to 10pm, Meat Fresh (Min Buri market branch), open daily from 6am to 8pm, and Meat Fresh (Suanplern market branch), open daily from 6am to 8pm.