Weighing Passengers Becomes a Standard for Bangkok Airways

The debate over airport and flight protocols in Thailand has taken to the skies, with an upcoming chance for passengers to voice their perspectives.

As airlines worldwide are showing a heightened interest in passenger weight analysis, Bangkok Airways is contemplating joining the roster of carriers who are embracing this growing trend.

This shift started gaining traction on September 16, with global aviation giants like Korean Air and Air New Zealand taking the lead.

These carriers have instigated a striking new rule that necessitates passengers to step onto the scales before boarding, a move designed to decipher the typical passenger weight and to calculate a flight’s load more accurately.

This approach, although initially met with raised eyebrows, is gaining popularity swiftly. The underlying objective is to streamline the planes, potentially cutting down on fuel consumption during flights.

The focus rests on understanding the common passenger weight and average values, thereby assisting in the precise calculation of an aircraft’s weight distribution. Consequently, this could pave the way to a more fuel-efficient aviation industry.

Bangkok Airways Public Company Limited is on the verge of becoming a member of a group of airlines involved in the weight-monitoring initiative.

In this endeavor, the airline intends to utilize standardized average weight information to accurately determine the total weight of passengers and the luggage they carry on board.

Fundamentally, although weighing checked luggage is a routine procedure, and guidelines are in place for carry-on weight restrictions, a vital element is absent in determining a plane’s overall flight weight: the “excess baggage” that individuals carry in terms of body weight.

The goal is to guarantee that every flight complies with the strict standards defined by the maximum allowable take-off weight of the aircraft, thus creating a situation of increased safety. However, for many, this safety initiative might come off as a breach of privacy.

From September 15 to October 31, Bangkok Airways is officially applying for permission to facilitate the weighing of passengers, along with their hand-held items, in the area near the boarding gate.

The airline’s management warmly requests the assistance of all passengers to help in this data gathering task.

Bangkok Airways, however, assures that your weight and carry-on quirks will not be openly displayed for everyone to witness. They guarantee that the recorded weights will solely be used for their analysis, as they aim to adjust their average weight calculations.

The airline confirms that the details collected through this endeavor will be handled with the highest degree of privacy.

Its primary objective is to perfect the gathering of average weight data, a task intended to enhance the accuracy and stability of flight activities. The airline conveys its eagerness and positive outlook for the willing participation and cooperation of its patrons.

In the meantime, a visit to the treadmill before flying might turn into a standard aspect of passengers’ travel preparations.