Thailand Now Has Two Cafes Focused on Crypto and NTFs

Two recently opened cafes in Bangkok and Korat, Hip Coffee & Restaurant and The Moon: Crypto & NFT Cafe, were built as meeting spaces for Thailand’s crypto communities.

The Hip Coffee & Restaurant, located in Nakhon Ratchasima, features an unusual interior with 21 monitors to view cryptocurrency trading in real-time. Its manager Oakkharawat Yongsakuljinda revealed that the screens were installed in 2021 to monitor stock market transactions but were later changed to show cryptocurrency trading after the cafe owner and its staff became more interested in the crypto universe.

“After we researched about it for a month as well as discovering there are local cryptocurrency exchanges registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission Thailand, we thought investing in the cryptocurrency market would be a good choice,” Oakkharawat stated.

Hip Coffee & Restaurant’s manager also said that their business’ goal was to build a cryptocurrency community to allow customers to learn about cryptocurrency trading and other information involved while visiting the café.

On the other hand, The Moon: Crypto & NFT Café, located in Seacon Square, was designed to appeal to crypto enthusiasts living in the Thai capital, Bangkok. Its main draw is its style and appearance.

One side of a wall at The Moon has been decked with five screens displaying NFT arts that people can purchase just by scanning a QR code. On another wall, showcasing five gaming screens, guests can have fun and earn crypto income.

According to Pongsatorn Chandavimol, the community creator at Seacon Square, the cafe’s executives developed a strategy to create an enhanced experience for visitors by creating communities from members with similar interests involving cryptocurrencies, coffee, food, and photos.

People “refer to learn in person, so they can ask questions and follow a lecturer step by step. At The Moon, we provide several classes. One of the most popular classes is Kao Raek Sue Crypto [The First Step To Crypto]. This class is for beginners to learn what crypto, Bitcoin and blockchain are, and how to set up their crypto wallets,” Pongsatorn added.

The Hip and the Moon are designed to attract people involved in crypto businesses, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs), GameFi, or play-to-earn crypto games.

Representatives from both venues recently revealed that they plan to develop academies for crypto enthusiasts. The Hip has already taken some steps in that direction, approaching a major digital asset exchange to set up more crypto cafes around the country.

The Hip and the Moon’s customers can order any dish, dessert or drink on the menu and pay with cryptocurrency. On The Moon, people can also use the Wallet of Satoshi app, while the Hip customers can use the Binance app for their transactions.