Cryptocurrency Exchange Bityard Has Entered World of Forex

More than 150 countries welcome the new forex trading service offered by the world’s leading cryptocurrency derivative exchange: Bityard.

As of the launch of the novel alternative, Bityard’s CFD trading pairs cover multiple asset types including index, commodities, cryptocurrencies, and forex.

The purpose of the crypto exchange is to provide a wider range of options for global investors in the face of a drop in active crypto traders.

Bityard has developed different trading solutions since last year. It focused on a cryptocurrency CFDs service that allowed users to profit from a smaller cryptocurrency market price fluctuation before the bull market started.

Later, when Bitcoin prices soared during the final months of 2020, it launched its spot trading service as an alternative for users to buy and sell Bitcoin and other types of popular altcoins.

The crypto exchange’s objective is to help global users invest and trade in crypto assets regardless of the market trend.

The massive Bitcoin purchase and hold actions by many institutes, including Greyscale, boosted the bull market. Since then, Bitcoin has broken its all-time high several times.

But the rise of profit-taking actions by some institutes caused the price of the crypto asset to plummet many times over.

Now, no indicators are showing the end of the bull market, but the current asset-selling actions from large crypto investors could suggest that Bitcoin is close to its peak in this run.

But there’s an option.

Global investors can switch to crypto CFDs or trade other assets for profit on Bityard in the event that the crypto bull market ends earlier than expected.