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The Japanese Highball Bar 1923 Opens New Saladaeng Location

The esteemed whiskey connoisseurs of Japanese Highball Bar 1923 are set to inaugurate their second establishment at the Commons Saladaeng next week, building upon the impressive triumph of their first location at the Commons Thonglor.

Deriving its name from a historic whiskey distillery in the vicinity of Osaka, Japanese Highball Bar 1923 began its journey at the Commons Thonglor on June 1 of the previous year.

Recognized for its budget-friendly yet delightful drinks, the bar will commence service at the Commons Saladaeng from 5 pm up until midnight beginning May 19, marking their grand opening.

The drink menu has been attentively fashioned by Aku Eguchi, originating from the famed Jigger and Pony in Singapore.

The standout highball of the bar, a simple yet enticing blend, is crafted using Hokkaido soda water maintained at 2 degrees Celsius.

Guests are presented with a nice selection of both flavoured and classic whiskey choices to personalize their highball.

Japanese Highball Bar 1923’s Saladaeng outlet aims to maintain originality with an updated cocktail menu, as disclosed in a recent press announcement from the Commons.

The menu will incorporate a thrilling new feature – “punch bowl cocktails” tailored for group enjoyment.

Preserving the culinary heritage of the Thonglor outlet, Chef Shinji Hara has curated a menu spotlighting sushi handrolls.

Japanese Highball Bar 1923 is dedicated to the art of creating perfectly paired dishes to complement their hallmark drink.

With a focus on redefining the cocktail scene, the bar offers a unique and unparalleled experience in Japanese whiskey that is rich in flavor and aroma.

Every dish on the menu is crafted with great care and attention to detail to ensure that it perfectly complements the signature drink, resulting in a dining and drinking experience like no other.

To learn more about the grand opening of the Japanese Highball Bar 1923 Saladaeng location, please visit their official Facebook page.