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Aspiring Chefs Gain Insights Into Best Australian Products

In an event held for the first time in Thai history, students at the MSC Culinary School in Bangkok have been educated about the opportunities they can leverage with fresh, high-quality Australian products.

Key players from the red meat, seafood, horticulture, dairy, and wine industries joined forces in an unprecedented initiative to educate apprentice chefs.

During this unique activity, which takes place between September and October, culinary students better understand Australia’s food and wine products while gaining hands-on experience exploring them.

The unique sponsorship has been made possible by the Agricultural Trade and Market Access Cooperation (ATMAC) Program. It was created to expand trade in various Australian sectors – including agriculture, forestry, and fisheries – to potential emerging export markets and high growth in other countries.

Thanks to its optimal environment and rigid standards with strict safety controls when it comes to livestock, fishing and agriculture, Australia produces high-quality products that are also in high demand internationally.

In addition, health-conscious Thai consumers view Australia as a reputable and reliable supplier of fresh, nutritious products.

MSC Culinary School, which focuses on training the new generations of chefs in Thailand to maintain Thai cuisine’s high standards and help the country offer only the best food, has approximately 40 students in different courses.

Trainees participate in the following courses: Thai Professional Cookery Grand Diploma, Thai Professional Cookery Certificate (II, II, and III), 10 Days Intensive Course and 15 Days Exclusive Entrepreneur.

The curriculum focuses on teaching theoretical and practical culinary skills in cutting-edge settings where aspiring chefs can get off on the right foot in the industry.

Moreover, the sponsorship also hopes to benefit consumers who will one day enjoy the delicious dishes created by these chefs in kitchens across the country and experience Australian produce’s freshness and delicious taste.

As part of the unforgettable experience, MSC Culinary School’s students and their instructors will prepare a sample of dishes that will delight a select group of prominent food industry professionals, Thai and Australian officials, distributors, and importers during the Australian Food VIP & Wine event on November 1.