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Courses at The Food School Bangkok Set To Start in October

The Food School Bangkok is set to open this October, hoping to offer specialized short courses and master classes before launching its full professional certificate programs in January 2023.

Designed as Thailand’s first multinational culinary school, The Food School Bangkok provides students with a more comprehensive view of Thai, Italian and Japanese cuisine.

It also hosts a progressive learning community that brings together TSUJI Culinary Institute, ALMA Culinary Institute, and Dusit Thani College with food business incubation facilities and services.

ALMA arrives from Europe in Southeast Asia for the first time to spread knowledge about Italian cuisine. TSUJI leverages its over 60 years of experience to offer comprehensive teaching in Japanese cuisine, while the Dusit Thani College provides specialized training in Thai cooking and culinary heritage.

The Food School Bangkok also integrates sustainability concepts, implementing zero-waste cooking practices and employing industrial composting machines. It also strives to promote partnerships and farm-to-table operations, hoping to support local agriculture.

It also builds a platform where food enthusiasts can share their passion and nurture their culinary skills while positively influencing the food industry and gaining tools to advance their businesses.

Certificate courses are available at three levels: Essential, Intermediate, and Advanced. Those who choose master classes taught by celebrity chefs or food industry teachers to further their knowledge will receive a two-day specialized training.

Students opting for one-day short courses delivered by partner institutes also offer inventive and dynamic training to students with a passion for food at all skill levels.

The Food School Bangkok has world-class facilities that benefit multi-skilled culinary education within a progressive learning environment. All learning areas are designed to encourage innovation and have been equipped with the best high-end tools in the industry.

As part of the project’s vision to create a community of food enthusiasts, The Food School Bangkok’s ground floor was designed as a space where students and guests can have a first-class culinary experience.

Besides freshly baked pastries and specialty roasts in the café, local restaurant partners can offer their most delicious dishes to eat on-site or to-go.

Entrepreneurs and graduates of The Food School Bangkok who want to hone their food concepts and knowledge can also rent a fully equipped kitchen in its exclusive space for business incubators, Test Kitchen.

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