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Gaa and Here Introduce New Customizable Meal Plan Service

Here and Michelin-starred Gaa team, alongside Chef Garima Arora, bet on customization with upgrade options to meal plans.

They welcome their new EatWell service, aimed at creating fully customizable plans to suit anyone’s dietary tastes and preferences.

Through a 30-minute call, customers can discuss their health and fitness goals, as well as their requirements regarding cuisines or dietary needs.

Additionally, people can choose how they want their meals delivered, the frequency of the deliveries, and many more choices.

Customers are able to enjoy an exquisite variety of dishes as they feast on the full-flavored, fully personalized meals options.

Based on the feedback they provide on their call, clients would receive Indian food, Italian flavors, or any other thing they want each day.

The is perfect for all appetites, whether you are looking to have a couple of snacks or three meals with desserts delivered to your home.

In line with Arora’s culinary work, all well-balanced meals contain whole foods, organic vegetables, healthy fats, and high-quality protein.

Besides, the chefs’ team adapts to simple-sugars- or gluten-free cuisine, offering healthy options for all diets, including keto, plant-based, paleo, and more.

All dishes include a complete nutritional breakdown, with calorie counting and macro intake, and come with reheating instructions according to customers’ kitchen equipment.

But the best part is that the packaging is 100% natural and sustainable.

Customers can request one-day meals for 1,350 baht, sign up for three days for 3,750 baht, request seven-day services for 8,050 baht or purchase 21-day packages for 22,050 baht or 30 days packages for 28,500 baht with delivery included.

Register for a plan or trial or request more information through Line @here_bkk, or call 097-140-5647.