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Gordon Ramsay’s Street Pizza at EMSPHERE Serves Tasty Dishes

Following the opening of Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street restaurant at Bangkok’s latest upscale shopping complex EMSPHERE last year, anticipation has been building among foodies for more of his ventures.

The wait ended earlier this month when the famous celebrity chef introduced Street Pizza on the GM floor of the mall, offering classic comfort dishes in a relaxed setting.

The venue’s open space and long table are perfect for group gatherings, alongside semi-private booths for those seeking a cozier atmosphere.

A massive flat-screen TV is set up for broadcasting sporting events, complementing the pub ambiance with a bar counter.

At Street Pizza, the draw is the unlimited pizza offering. However, the Bangkok outlet has opted for an à la carte approach, focusing on quality over quantity and ensuring that each pizza slice is freshly served.

The current menu lists eight pizza varieties with top highlights include Margherita, priced at THB 350, and a slightly spicy Pepperoni priced at THB 450 featuring Spanish salami.

The Londoner pizza, priced at THB 590, aims to delight with its blend of savoury and spicy, featuring a mozzarella and tomato base, fennel salami, burrata, and the fiery Italian sausage spread ‘Nduja, echoing the flavours of Thai chili paste, nam prik pao.

For those willing to explore, the Tandoori Paneer pizza, priced at THB 350, introduces a fusion of Indian flavours with minty buttermilk dressing, paneer cheese cubes, and the sweet tang of pomegranate seeds.

The eatery’s hot wings are also worth trying – diners can choose from five unique flavours: sweet chili kimchi, the signature sweet and savoury GFC, chocolate barbecue, street hot sauce, and the fiery “Hotter Than Hell.”

With three levels of spice available, aficionados of heat will find themselves comfortably challenged.

To complement your meal, Street Pizza offers an assortment of beverages including wine, beer, milkshakes, cocktails, and mocktails.

The London Garden cocktail, priced at THB 220, with its gin base and hints of elderflower, peach, lemon, and orange bitters, recalls the flavours of a beloved Thai childhood snack, pepo fruit jelly.

Located on the GM Floor of EMSPHERE on Sukhumvit Road, Street Pizza welcomes guests daily from 11am to 10pm, with last orders at 9pm.