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Korean Sandwich Shop Eggdrop Is Coming to Siam Square

One of South Korea’s most popular breakfast spots, Eggdrop, is coming to Bangkok!

The cool South Korean sandwich concept arrives in Bangkok this October, hoping to debut its first overseas location in Siam Square.

Eggdrop, known for offering an extensive brioche sandwich menu with a wide variety of egg fillings, gained international fame after cast members of the Korean TV drama series Hospital Playlists and Hush ate the mouth-watering delicacies in front of hungry viewers.

The popular sandwiches consist primarily of two thick slices of fluffy, buttered brioche bread served with scrumptious egg fillings, ranging from scrambled eggs and cheese to fried eggs with meats. They are all sprinkled with sugar or other flavorings.

Eggdrop is a well-known chain in South Korea, having more than 257 branches across the country. The first restaurant opened in 2017 and has since expanded tremendously.

Now, the sandwich shop has expansion plans to other parts of the world, including Thailand and the United States.

Eggdrop would be the second F&B South Korean brand to come to Siam Square, as popular South Korean cafe Mil Toast House opened its doors to serve its signature steamed bread and exquisite soufflé French toast at the popular lifestyle destination last year.

On July 29, Eggdrop’s Thai outlet posted a teaser with a message announcing that its first-ever foreign shop would open in Thailand this year.

“Hello, Thailand. Be ready because EGGDROP is about to check-in for the deliciousness in Thailand,” it said.

Eggdrop’s Thai outlet is expected to maintain the same visual aesthetic, with sandwiches of thick toasted bread slices with butter and lots of fillings that captivate palates.

The premium egg-based sandwich shop already has some world-famous varieties, including its Ham & Cheese K-Street Toast with savory American cheese and crispy sliced cabbage.

Another signature sandwich has a luscious garlic bacon cheese filling on a fluffy, flavorful toasted garlic brioche bun.

Eggdrop’s sandwiches are inspired by the salty-sweet Korean street toast “Gilgeori.” For more information, visit the official Facebook page of Eggdrop Thailand.