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Le Creuset Launches Big Logo Collection, Showing Its New Trends

The nearly 100-year-old casting factory Le Creuset has refined the traditional French elaborate manufacturing method and technology to produce high-quality products based on innovative ideas, becoming a famous brand in 70 countries worldwide.

Starting June 7, it offers its Big Logo Collections, a project born as proof of the brand’s progress and as an expression of its spirit and commitment.

The main development colors are bright orange, which reproduces the heat that the casting melts in the furnace and the brand’s image, and the beautiful flint with monotonous gradation.

The collection includes three items: Signature Round Dutch Oven 22cm, Neo Mug, and Round Plate 23cm.

The Signature Round Dutch Oven is a representative design of the Le Creuset brand and its most popular product. It features black matte enamel processing on the inside with a subtle copper-colored knob that complements its 90-years-old design.

Le Creuset’s flagship Round Dutch Oven provides even heat and is recommended for both cooked rice and stewed dishes.

The Neo Mug from Le Creuset is simple and elegant, has the perfect size for everyday use, and is considered the ideal gift for men. The Round Plate of the Big Logo Collection is a long-selling plate with an iconic edge of the demand ring and the characteristic logo of the brand.

It is the perfect size for everyday use.

Le Creuset is a global kitchenware brand founded in 1925 in Northern France. It was established in Thailand in 2013 and, under the motto “from the kitchen to the table,” has offered Thais innovative products in line with the world’s culinary culture and trends.