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New Casual Korean Restaurant, Tokki, Now Open at Donki Mall

The newly opened Korean restaurant, Tokki, is transforming casual dining with its creative twist on Korean cuisine. It is now delighting palates on the 4th floor of Don Don Donki Mall Thonglor.

Named after the Korean word for “rabbit”, Tokki features rabbit-themed decorations and artwork throughout its premises.

The atmosphere is warm and welcoming, softly lit with ambient lighting, adorned with lush plants, sporting an olive green and white palette, rough-textured concrete walls, and, for a unique touch, a projector showing Korean animations.

All of Tokki’s menu items are designed to be engaging and reflect the whimsical aspect of Korean food.

The menu features an array of shareable delights, starting with the Corn Kimchi Jeon, a Korean-style pizza, lavishly topped with kimchi, cheese, and corn to create an unforgettable cheese pull experience.

Then there’s the Snow Yukke, a dish of crispy seaweed paired with marinated beef, elegantly finished with a crown of egg yolk and cheese.

Not to be missed are the Bulgogi Fries, which reimagine nachos with a Korean twist, featuring sweet and spicy pork over crispy, golden fries.

The Galbi Jim offers a heartier option, featuring pork ribs braised for five hours in a special homemade sauce, accompanied by mashed potatoes.

The restaurant also offers unique pairings with traditional Korean alcoholic beverages, including the honey coconut makgeolli, a honeycomb-enhanced Korean rice wine that’s become a social media sensation, and distinctive soju highballs.

Tokki is located on the 4th Floor of Don Don Donki Mall Thonglor on Soi Sukhumvit 63, and the restaurant welcomes guests daily from 11:30am to 11pm. For further information, you can directly call them at +66-82-849-9272.