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Phuketique’s Heavenly Burnt Toast Has Come to Thonglor

In the vibrant canvas of Thailand’s culinary scene, Phuketique stands as a sanctuary for sweet tooth enthusiasts. A hallmark of Phuket Old Town, Phuketique has now expanded its wings, gracing Bangkok’s food street with its delectable offerings.

Gone are the days when one had to endure the long journey involving flights and potential taxi scams from the Phuket airport, just to savour their exquisite burnt butter toast. Now, this sweet delight can be relished right in the heart of Thonglor.

Recognized for its kitsch shop house in Phuket, Phuketique has recently established its presence on the bustling grounds of Saphan 55, positioned strategically at the end of Thonglor.

Embodying simplicity at its core, the new venue radiates a casual vibe, complemented by a menu that encapsulates the essence of sweetness in every dish.

Despite the slow-paced revival of Saphan 55, the newly inaugurated space alongside the Saphan 55 Cafe, beckons visitors with the allure of its iconic toast and ice cream combinations.

At this Bangkok location, patrons can anticipate an immersive experience revolving around the classic burnt butter toast. This dish, an epitome of culinary delight, is garnished with a generous serving of Hokkaido milk ice cream, setting the price at THB 200.

Furthermore, dessert aficionados have the liberty to customize their dish with an array of ice cream flavours including earl grey, honeycomb toffee, and Thai tea, among others.

Another highly recommended menu is the biscoff speculoos paired with ice cream and enveloped in a caramel halo.

A heaven for dessert lovers, Phuketique offers a spectrum of ten different variations of burnt butter toast at this location, with prices ranging between THB 200 to THB 250.

There are also unique offerings such as ovaltine and almond green tea toast, served without the traditional ice cream dollop.

Since its recent opening, this venue has become a hotspot for Bangkok locals and Phuket natives alike, eager to experience a sweet taste reminiscent of home.

You can find this delightful gem at 759 Thonglor Road, nestled within Saphan 55, ready to serve customers from Monday to Saturday, between 10 am to 6 pm.