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Singapore’s OATSIDE Oat Milk Available in Thailand

The innovative “full-stack” oat milk made in Singapore, OATSIDE, has finally arrived in Thailand.

Selected retailers across the country now offer three variants of OATSIDE, a new plant-based milk alternative developed by Singaporean Benedict Lim.

During the launching event for OATSIDE products in the kingdom, the brand unveiled its ambassador in Thailand: Bruna Silva, a prominent Brazilian barista with an exceptional talent for Thai coffees.

OATSIDE arrives as a creamier and meltier than existing milk alternatives on the market. It’s among the first “full-stack” oat milk brands, with the highest quality ingredients to remove the nasties like emulsifiers, artificial colors, preservatives, gums, and flavors.

Also, this plant-based milk is low in saturated fat and contains beta-glucans that promote heart health and boost immunity.

The brand’s founder understood that taste could be a barrier to people adopting sustainable milks, so he committed to creating an oat milk that could overcome those perceptions.

OATSIDE is a delicious alternative to dairy, ideal for those intolerant to lactose, which is also environment-friendly.

The Singaporean manufacturer uses Rainforest-Alliance certified ingredients and recyclable paperboard packaging from Forest Stewardship Council certified sources. In addition, it has focused on cultivation facts to protect the planet: making oat milk produces 70% fewer emissions and requires 90% less water and land compared to cow’s milk.

Thais who prefer plant-based milk alternatives can find OATSIDE in three delicious variants: Barista Blend, Chocolate, and Chocolate Hazelnut.

OATSIDE Barista Blend promises a creamy explosion in coffees and teas, giving beverages body in the background so it doesn’t cover up their original flavor. It is also among the first plant-based milks that create a beautiful and versatile microfoam when steamed for latte art.

OATSIDE Chocolate – a dark, full blend made for adults and picky kids – contains added flavorings but a lower sugar level than most chocolate drinks. It is made with 100% Rainforest Alliance-certified ingredients for a much more delicious taste.

For those who prefer a softer option, there’s OATSIDE Chocolate Hazelnut, a liquid “gianduja” with intense notes of dark hazelnuts provided by a high dose of premium hazelnuts from Turkey, 100% certified by the Rainforest-Alliance.

All OATSIDE variants are Halal-certified and have been made with Australian oats and natural spring water.

OATSIDE milk alternative is available at nearby supermarkets, as well as on Shopee and Lazada online shopping platforms for 115 baht (Barista Blend), 115 baht (Chocolate), and 130 baht (Chocolate Hazelnut).

Partner stores such as The Coffee Club, True Coffee, MollyAlly, Chikalicious and Chaen Tea are also offering tasting menus made with OATSIDE milk.