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Tibicos Offers Probiotic-Infused Kefir Waters in Unique Flavours

Tibicos is the first water kefir brand in Thailand, noted for its impressive range of sparkling live probiotic drinks that are known to bring important health benefits to those consuming them. In recent years the market for probiotic beverages has increased sharply, driven by the rising number of health-minded people focusing on gut health, and overall wellbeing.

Having launched just two years ago, Tibicos is dedicated to crafting products of the finest quality. The naturally fermented water kefir concoctions are made in small batches, giving a refreshing taste that unlike other probiotic drinks are perfect to refuel on post-workout.

Whether it’s fruit-based flavours that you prefer, or perhaps some of Tibicos’ other special creations such as cola, the company is sure to have something to satisfy your thirst whilst improving your health, thanks to the 30 billion CFUs of probiotic bacteria in every bottle.

Add Some Sparkle to Your Life With Delicious Tibicos Drinks

Water kefir (also known as tibicos or Japanese water crystals) is a fermented drink crafted by combining water, sugar, and a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts (SCOBY). It’s an essential step to use this fermentation starter, taking about three days to produce results.

During the process, microorganisms actively consume the sugar converting it into healthy compounds including probiotics – Water kefir is known to minimize bloating and gas, due to enhanced digestion from the high amounts of healthy bacteria present. The probiotics also help raise the number of bowel movements, bringing relief to constipation sufferers.

Gut health is hugely important, with research telling us that our gut microbiome can affect every organ in our body. Digestive processes, along with skin health, both greatly benefit from the enzymes, pre-digested nutrients, vitamins, and minerals found in Tibicos’ drinks.

Tibicos was conceived from a love for health and fitness shared by Khun Jiroj Phisuthikun, Khun Wit Leetavorn, and Khun Toll Mahaworamakorn, who can be seen in the first picture above, from left to right. The three friends have known each other for a number of years.

It all began when the partners experimented with making their own homemade fermented drinks. K. Jiroj first made tea-based kombucha, and although this process was easier than with other beverages, there was too much of a vinegary taste for their liking (it is because of the addition of acetic acid bacteria, which is the base used when brewing kombucha).

They turned their attention to water kefir, and both K. Jiroj and K. Wit made some samples that they were happy with, as was K. Toll who also tasted them. It occurred to the trio that the elixir could be a success in the probiotic drinks market, leading to Tibicos’ formation.

Designed To Enhance Your Gut Health and Overall Nutrition

Extensive research guarantees the undoubted quality and reliability of Tibicos’ water kefir products. The company collaborates with the Zymo Research Institute in Irvine, California to analyze microbial activity and identify the various microorganisms present in the drink.

Additionally, the Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research has examined how many active microorganisms exist in each drink. Their research confirmed that every bottle of Tibicos water kefir, regardless of its flavour, contains an incredible count of over 29,000 million CFU of lactic acid bacteria, and also 1,800 million CFU of beneficial yeast.

With so many people looking for lower calorie food and drink options these days, it is not surprising Tibicos has been so well-received by health-conscious consumers. Each bottle has less than 15 grams of sugar, perfect for a daily treat, or post-workout energy booster.

The fizzy, fermented drink has been enjoyed for thousands of years thanks to its pleasant taste and health-giving qualities. It is much less sugary than most commercial carbonated drinks with the yeast and bacteria consuming upto 80% of the sugar during fermentation.

Compared to kombucha, water kefir has a superior taste profile and is sure to sustain you throughout your day: both beverages assist natural systems within the body and both are helpful with hydration. The slightly sweet, zesty taste of water kefir is what makes it stand out, and the 30 or so terrific probiotics such as Lactobacillus strains Casei and Paracasei.

One of the standout features that sets Tibicos’ probiotic drinks apart in the market is their freshness, and high concentration of live probiotics. They are produced in small batches, ensuring each sip delivers a burst of fresh, sparkling flavour packed with health benefits.

If you wish to purchase Tibicos’ exceptional drinks, you can from 9 Lemon Farm branches (EmQuartier, The Portico, The Nine Rama 9, Fifty Fifth Thonglor, Index Living Mall Rama 2, Market Place Sukhaphiban 3, Samyan Mitrtown, Megabangna and also Singha Complex).

Tibicos kefir water drinks come in 14 flavours: Pineapple, Honey Lemon, Strawberry, Plum, Passion Fruit, Grape, Apple, Pomegranate, Lychee, and Cola (each of these cost THB 65). Orange Yuzu, Root Beer, Big Red, and Coffee Yuzu are also available (they cost THB 90).

Quote promo code “GLOBE” when purchasing 10 bottles of any Tibicos flavour to receive THB 50 off the delivery cost. They deliver nationwide, via two channels – LINE: @Tibicos (click: or by Facebook Messenger (click: