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Tokyo’s Favourite Cheesecake Shop Jêrome Opens in Bangkok

One of Tokyo’s favourite cheesecake brands, Jêrome, has just opened its first location in Bangkok on Soi Thonglor 13 within the esteemed Japanese-style dessert haven of Mont Blanc by Kyo Roll En. Jêrome is renowned in particular for “burnt” Basque cheesecakes.

The recent launch is Jêrome cheesecake’s first shop-in-shop location outside of Japan, with Bangkok a logical city to expand in with Bangkokians love of all things dessert.

Jêrome Quilbeuf, the creative genius behind this adored cheesecake brand, boasts an impressive background as the lead chef at the famed three-Michelin-starred Sant Pau Barcelona and its two-starred counterpart in Tokyo, Sant Pau Tokyo.

Leveraging his culinary prowess and dedicated passion, Quilbeuf unveiled the Jêrome cheesecake in Tokyo’s posh Ginza district just one year ago.

In no time, it has transformed into a household name, quickly rising to become one of the city’s most sought-after cheesecakes.

The confections have gained a sterling reputation for their gooey, melt-in-your-mouth texture which leaves a delightful resonance on the palate, transforming each bite into a luxurious epicurean delight.

The secret of Jêrome’s creation stems from an unwavering dedication to the art of culinary excellence, utilizing only the finest ingredients, including high-quality cheese sourced from Spain’s Basque country, and fresh cream cheese produced in Hokkaido.

Each burnt basque cheesecake delivers a rich, intricate, and nuanced flavour profile, crowned with an unmistakable smoky fragrance that lingers enticingly.

Anyone visiting this vibrant new location can expect to be enchanted by more than just the legendary cheesecake, which has a relaxing, upscale ambience.

A mouth-watering selection of expertly crafted Japanese-style coffees, teas, and other gourmet delights can be found at Mont Blanc. Be ready to have your senses enraptured, and taste buds tantalized if paying a visit to Jêrome Bangkok.

The new Thonglor location is open daily from 9am through to 8pm. Should you require any further information, please directly call: 095 368-2111.