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Experience a Variety of Chinese Flavours at Pagoda Restaurant

Embarking on a fresh culinary adventure, Pagoda Chinese Restaurant at Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park presents a menu filled with diverse regional Chinese dishes, featuring marbled Wagyu beef as the star ingredient.

Devised by Chinese executive chef Oscar Pun, the “Wonder Of Wagyu” encompasses five creations that showcase his expertise and personal touch.

The finest cuts from Stone Axe, a celebrated Australian beef producer and grand champion of the Wagyu Branded Beef Awards in 2020 and 2021, are the main attraction of this seasonal menu.

Originating from the chef’s native Hong Kong, the Cantonese cuisine offers a delightful starting point.

Sample the Steamed black truffle and Wagyu beef shumai (B880), which consists of three plump dumplings served in a bamboo steamer and garnished with fresh peas for a touch of sweetness.

A tableside truffle-shaving performance precedes the serving, so have your camera prepared.

The Char siu wagyu (B1,390) also warrants a photo. Prepared table-side, the chef flambés the marbled Wagyu beef with maotai, a Chinese distilled liquor, gradually pouring it over the meat until partially caramelized, adding another dimension of taste.

The menu extends beyond one specific cuisine. The Wok-fried Wagyu beef with asparagus in XO sauce (B2,590) is a delectable Shanghai-inspired dish.

Beautifully presented, it features tender Wagyu beef and asparagus spears atop a crispy, deep-fried noodle nest. The XO sauce steals the show, infusing the dish with a bold, umami taste heightened by notes of seafood and chili.

The Homemade dan dan noodles with braised Wagyu beef (B730) is a Sichuan street food classic.

Served in its original soupless style, the noodles are accompanied by peanut sauce and braised beef instead of the traditional spicy sauce, and topped with peanuts for extra crunch.

Known as Shuizhu niurou, the Sichuan-style boiled Wagyu beef (B2,460) is famous for its numbing and spicy flavors, trademarks of Sichuan cuisine.

The hot and spicy broth, seasoned with Sichuan peppercorns, is served separately from the thinly sliced Wagyu beef, allowing guests to enjoy a hot pot experience with tofu, lotus root, and water chestnut balancing the broth’s fiery taste.

Complementing the seasonal Wagyu menu are three Chinese-inspired cocktails priced at B350 each. The Guizhou Collins delivers a sweet, floral taste with a mix of maotai, lychee, rose syrup, and fresh lime juice.

Savor a unique Chinese twist on traditional sloe gin or Peddlers salted plum gin in the Salted plum sour, served in a round martini glass with egg-white foam.

The Shanghainese gin and tonic offers a creative take on the classic drink, adding a splash of lychee syrup and a hint of aromatic bitters.

The “Wonder Of Wagyu” menu and Chinese-inspired cocktails are available at Pagoda Chinese Restaurant, Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park until May 30.

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