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From Africa to Bangkok: Savour Tasty Homemade Poulet Braisé

Le Poulet Braisé Bangkok is a delivery-only culinary jewel that has recently making waves in the bustling Nana area.

It is reintroducing the simple yet mouth-watering dish of braised chicken, a humble staple that traced its roots to West Africa before captivating food enthusiasts in France.

The business began operations in May this year, serving an appealingly simple lunch – poulet braise (braised chicken) served over a bed of rice, accompanied by a selection of imaginative sauces, and a side of fried banana.

This might sound too straightforward to tantalize your taste buds, but the magic lies in the sauce.

Every order includes a quartet of creatively fashioned homemade sauces. A sweet onion sauce, dubbed the white sauce, is paired beautifully with the rice.

The chicken finds its match in a strong green sauce. Lastly, a tomato-based sauce and a chili sauce add a splash of flavour, complementing both the chicken and rice perfectly.

In addition to their stellar braised chicken dish, they also offer a baguette sandwich. Stuffed with the same succulent chicken and fresh lettuce, it’s perfect for those who prefer a handheld meal.

Presently, food lovers can get their hands on these flavourful dishes via Line and Grab. However, there’s even more exciting news — Le Poulet Braisé Bangkok is set to expand!

They have plans to open a permanent dine-in spot, bringing this West African delight closer to the Thai community. Keep an eye out for this gastronomic revelation; this simple, easy lunch is set to become a citywide favorite.

For additional information and future updates, please visit Le Poulet Braisé Bangkok’s Facebook page.