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GrabFood: Best Dual-Language Food Delivery App in Thailand

Adjusting to life in Thailand as an expat or a short-term tourist can be challenging: indeed, one of the most difficult things you are likely to encounter is finding restaurants that meet your individual tastes and preferences. It can be a huge headache to get to grips with the local dining scene – especially if you are not familiar with either the food or the language.

GrabFood is the fastest food delivery service in Thailand, allowing you to discover the top culinary delights in your neighbourhood from the comfort of your home. Recently, the app has introduced English language menus, making it easier for foreigners to use its service.

Customers’ favourite dishes and restaurants have been expertly curated, to assist them in ordering their meals quickly and easily. From local street foods to international delicacies, users are sure to find a wide selection of different cuisines that ideally suit their tastebuds.

Fast, Easy and Tasty! GrabFood is Revolutionizing Food Delivery

Grab is the top-rated super app in South East Asia, providing a diverse choice of services, with on-demand transportation, food delivery, and digital payments being some of Grab’s most popular features that their customers use to make their lives easier on a daily basis.

Over the past few years, Grab has become a household name locally by offering its users a first-class service. In particular, GrabFood has earned a reputation among Thai users for its terrific selection of food options, which were a lifesaver during the recent health crisis.

The food delivery service has remained strong following the pandemic, and in an effort to further improve its service and cater to non-Thai speaking customers, GrabFood now has menus in English. This move makes GrabFood more competitive in the market, as well as showing a commitment to meeting the needs of all patrons, regardless of their language.

You can see from the pictures above how easy it is to place an order, using your phone or device, for your favourite dish on GrabFood which will be delivered right to your doorstep within minutes. Moreover, setting up the language to English is such a simple thing to do.

It’s easy to switch the language on the GrabFood app for both iOS and Android devices, if you’re an iOS users, follow these steps: first, go to “Settings” on your iPhone or iPad, then scroll down until you reach the GrabFood app, and then click on it. After that, scroll down again and tap on the “Language” menu and select “English” from the options it gives you.

If you are looking at a Thai restaurant and the menus are only showing in Thai, then don’t worry! You can easily switch to English by following these steps: Look for the “Language” bar on top of the menu and then click on it, before you select “English” from the options.

Filter Your Search by Food Type, Price Range and Delivery Area

Before placing your order, there is the option to filter your search, according to food type, price range, and delivery area, which comes in handy when trying to choose the dish you think you are going to like. It is also possible to check out the reviews of restaurants, and see what other users have to say about their experiences, providing you with useful info.

Some of the favourite options for expats living in Bangkok available on GrabFood include Soho Pizza, Arno’s, Pimp My Salad, and Mae Varee Fruit Shop, famous for its tremendous Mango Sticky Rice. The photo at the top of this article has items from all of those venues.

Pimp My Salad has been impressing foodies with its delightful selection of healthy salads and signature bowls they expertly make each day using only the freshest ingredients. It’s quick and easy to order their fantastic meals with GrabFood, delivering all over Bangkok.

In addition to the mouth-watering variety of food and drink options, the service also offers many promotions that are certainly worth availing. By using the promo code “GRABNOW” at check out when ordering items via the GrabFood service, you can enjoy free delivery!

Furthermore, selected users are eligible for a list of incredible offers, such as discounts of up to 30 baht on each order when spending a minimum of 200 baht. With many enticing deals popping up regularly when on the app, choosing what to eat will be the hard part.

Expats have made GrabFood their top pick in Thailand for ordering delicious meals to be enjoyed at home, and the recent addition of English-language menus has made them an even better option. Visit GrabFood’s website for more details or download the app here.

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