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IMPACT Restaurant’s Mooncakes To Mark Mid-Autumn Festival

IMPACT Restaurants have joined the Mid-Autumn Festival celebration and now offer a wide range of unique moon cakes prepared by experienced chefs from Hong Kong and Thailand.

Starting at 90 baht per piece, these delicacies are available at IMPACT-owned restaurants:  Hong Kong Fisherman, The Coffee Academ?cs, Thonglor Thai Cuisine, and HEI YIN.

The Hong Kong Fisherman proudly presents Hong Kong-style mooncakes with a thin crust and generous filling, all made from quality imported ingredients.

With prices ranging from 110 to 160 baht per piece, people can choose from six options, including Hong Kong sweet lotus seed, Hong Kong sweet red bean, custard, durian, coffee, and green tea, with or without salted egg yolk. The Hong Kong Fisherman also offers assorted moon cake gift boxes for 520-790 baht.

These delicacies can be pre-ordered from July 31 with full payment, with staggered discounts according to the units bought. Mooncakes will be available at the store, located in the lobby of Hall 12, IMPACT Muang Thong Thani, from August 1 to September 10, 2022.

At HEI YIN Restaurant, Chef Jacky Chan has leveraged his 40 years of experience to create an exquisite menu featuring traditional Cantonese mooncakes made from egg tart dough and fillings imported from Hong Kong.

The chef offers “Xo Phe Lava Custard” and “Xo Phe Lotus Seed Paste with Almond Slices,” as well as delicious mooncakes with four filling options: lotus seed paste and salted egg yolk, red bean paste, durian, and mixed nuts.

The delicate mooncakes will be available at 168-188 baht per piece or in gift boxes from 599-1288 baht, depending on the pieces.

Renowned Hong Kong specialty coffee brand The Coffee Academ?cs also offers three mooncake fillings to eat alongside a delicious cup of coffee made from premium Arabica beans. The cakes will be available for just 90 baht a piece or 540 baht for a six-piece box in three flavors: custard, espresso, and matcha-chocolate.

Thonglor Thai Cuisine proudly presents the best Thai-style mooncakes. There are six fill options with auspicious meanings to choose from:

  • Black Sesame Golden Thread, symbolizing longevity, wealth, and unity.
  • Green Tea Med Kanoon, symbolizing prosperity.
  • Purple Sweet Potato Thong Yod, which symbolizes prosperity and success.
  • Monthong Durian with Salted Egg Yolk, symbolizing continuous wealth.
  • Golden Mung Bean, which symbolizes charming.
  • Lotus Seed Paste mixed with Thong Ake, which symbolizes career growth.

The mooncakes will be available in six-piece wooden or gold foil boxes at 590-990 baht with pre-orders from August 15 to September 8, 2022.