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Klong Phai Farm’s Delicious Selection of Free-Range Foods

Klong Phai Farm was founded in 2017 and is one of Thailand’s leading suppliers of higher-welfare, free-range chicken, eggs, duck and dairy products.

The 37-acre hilltop farm in Khao Yai is owned by Frenchman Laurent Opportune, who has successfully built up the business to produce the highest quality pasture-raised poultry, free from hormones and antibiotics. They supply their goods to many well-known hotels and restaurants across the Kingdom, as well as to the public.

Khao Yai National Park is the ideal environment for their animals on the farm to roam freely, scratch and forage, chase flies and bask in the sun. The UNESCO World Heritage Site is situated approximately 2.5 hours north of Bangkok.

It is the third largest national park in Thailand and also one of the most visited in the country. The park spans 2,168 sq. kilometres, and features one of the largest intact monsoon forests that remains in mainland Asia.

Quality of Products Assured Using Free-Range Methods

Animal welfare, optimal human health and respect for the environment are the core values that the team at Klong Phai Farm abide to. The livestock are able to graze freely with an abundance of organic natural foods that contain a generous amount of essential nutrients for the chickens to live happy and healthy lives.

The caring farmers at Klong Phai Farm follow strict international protocols to ensure consumers end up with nutritionally superior products. There have been no growth hormones, antibiotics or colour accelerations added, with bio-fermented juices and medicinal herbs used to strengthen immune systems.

To protect the environment, the farm believes in only using ethical packaging that is made up of 100% natural starch and fiber. The tray has been carefully engineered to be biodegradable and breaks down by biological processes that allow carbon, oxygen and hydrogen to be absorbed by natural elements.

A Great Choice for Higher-Welfare Chickens, Ducks and More…

Klong Phai Farm is well-known among Thai consumers for its fantastic higher-welfare chicken products, and their free-range Red Label chickens in particular, as seen above, are extremely popular. The high-quality chicken meat that customers love is a result of using traditional and free-range production methods: the Khao Yai-bred chickens are given only natural food to produce a superior taste.

If you haven’t tried Klong Phai Farm’s products yet, then we suggest starting with their Free-Range Red Label Chicken, which weighs between 1.4 to 1.5 kilos and costs THB 480. If you are going to cook your own (you could buy a rotisserie-style chicken that Klong Phai Farm also sell), then you will need an oven: the satisfaction you will gain from being able to customise your dish to your own preference will be worth the effort.

In the first photo above you can see the Green Curry Chicken based on a traditional Thai recipe, which is packed sous-vide and deep frozen, for shoppers to reheat and ideally serve with rice, khanom-jeen (fresh thin rice noodles) or roti flatbread. A portion suitable for one comes in at THB 120, and is packed with chunks of free-range Klong Phai Farm chicken and a variety of high quality vegetables.

The Duck Rillettes are also an item that we can recommend to try, best enjoyed simply on toast with some crunchy pickles on the side, as a sandwich filling, or as a unique addition to a charcuterie board. An 80 gram glass jar is priced at THB 75, a reasonable cost for this level of quality and the lengthy preparation involved, which is sure to go a long way as the meat is so densely packed.

Hard-To-Find Items That Are Perfect for Seasoned Chefs

An example of one of Klong Phai Farm’s harder-to-find cuts of premium poultry items is the Duck Aiguillettes, which are thin slices of duck fillets (found between the duck breast and carcass), often prepared as bite-sized when eaten as hors d’oeuvres, or used whole (as can be seen above) for main dishes. Budding chefs out there may wish to make Balsamic Glazed Aiguillettess or simple Honey Duck Aiguillettes.

We also recommend the delicious Klong Phai Farm free-range Guinea Fowls, especially if you happen to be a fan of the smash-hit medieval TV show Game of Thrones, which has featured the mostly unknown birds being roasted on a few episodes. They have a gamey flavour and a darker flesh somewhat similar to pheasant, and should be slow roasted at lower temperatures to ensure they remain tender.

Where to Buy Klong Phai Farm Products in Bangkok

We would recommend purchasing Klong Phai Farm products from their online store for a quick, convenient and hassle-free experience. It can be found at: where you can find their full range of items to peruse. If you would prefer, there are also three locations where Klong Phai Farm have a physical presence: their Farm Shop at 11/24 Ratchadapisek Rd. close to Yennakart Village, stocks their entire line-up and makes for a pleasant social outing to spend a few hours browsing.

If you are in an area that is closer to downtown Bangkok, then you have the option of buying Klong Phai Farm products from either their permanent booth at K Village shopping centre on Sukhumvit Soi 26 (it is situated right in front of the Villa Market supermarket). Alternatively, head for the retail store Another Story (which can be seen above) within Phrom Phong’s EmQuartier mall, who also sell a decent selection of their goods.