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PAUL Thailand Unveils Its Easter and “Art de Vivre” Selections

There’s a lot to love about Easter, from the springtime setting with newly bloomed flowers to festive activities like egg decorating and egg hunts. Of course, no Easter celebration is complete without enjoying some fantastic foods with your family: whether it is a delicious traditional feast, or a simple indulgence of a sweet delicacy to mark the special occasion.

A visit to PAUL is always a great idea when it comes to celebrating Easter in style, famous around the world for the exceptional cakes, pastries, and comfort foods at its bakery-café locations. In Thailand, PAUL has just unveiled its Easter collection, full of yummy delights.

PAUL Thailand has also recently launched its “Art de Vivre” menus, including some lovely main courses and exquisite desserts featuring newly improved recipes. This Easter, there is no better time to experience PAUL’s outstanding French cuisine, right here in Bangkok.

Make It a Memorable Easter With Premium Chocolate Treats

A first-class chocolate experience awaits for those sampling the three tempting chocolate creations available to buy at PAUL’s branches this Easter. They have been made with only the finest high-quality French chocolate, and are sure to satisfy anyone’s sweet cravings.

Expertly handcrafted by skilled and attentive artisans, each menu is a scrumptious delight that will excite your taste buds with every bite. This Easter, you can relish in the satisfying taste of confections by indulging them yourself or offering them as a gift to a loved ones.

The premium chocolates that PAUL offers not only provide an amazing taste but also offer an experience that’s truly awesome. Each piece is made with precision and care ensuring that it melts perfectly in your mouth and allows you to experience the impressive flavours from the smooth texture to the rich taste, that transport you to the lively streets of France.

For those seeking for a dessert that has the right mix of nuttiness and texture, the Almond Chocolate Éclair could be an excellent choice. At a price of THB 215, this enticing menu is loaded with chocolate, drenched in chocolate sauce and sprinkled with crunchy almonds.

Trio Chocolate Cake is a favourite among chocolate lovers, boasting two distinctive layers of chocolate cake, and topped with white chocolate cream cheese. It is reasonably priced at THB 345, and this delightful delicacy is a true masterpiece of taste and texture, with an elegant presentation, and a mouth-watering aroma that makes it worth every baht spent.

As you can see on the right in the photo above, the Sea Salt Chocolate Tartlet, is priced at THB 215 and made with a chocolate dough base and dark chocolate ganache. This divine treat gives the perfect blend of bitterness and a hint of saltiness from the sea salt topping.

Enjoy PAUL’s “Art of Living” Menus Until the End of October

In addition to the irresistible Easter delights, PAUL’s “Art de Vivre” menus features a range of new, improved dishes and desserts that are visually stunning and incredibly appetizing. Breakfast Steak & Egg, costing THB 750, is the best choice for anyone who likes a hearty breakfast, served with steak, toast, fried potatoes, smoked bacon, avocado, and an egg.

Pasta lovers can sample the Beef Stroganoff Pasta, featuring pan-fried beef sirloin, bacon, and parmesan cheese in a creamy sauce for THB 845. If you prefer a light and tasty salad try the Smoked Salmon Niçoise Salad made with salmon and mixed greens, for THB 485.

The Salmon Benedict shown in the picture below is another tantalizing dish that you don’t want to miss. This dish includes two poached eggs on smoked salmon, fresh spinach and toasted brioche, topped with hollandaise sauce, and it is attractively priced just THB 375.

No meal is truly satisfying without a sweet treat to cap it off – PAUL’s French Toast and Ice Cream priced at THB 425 is a must-try, featuring toasted brioche, ice cream, strawberries, caramel sauce, and powdered sugar. You could also try Café sur crème glace, boasting a massive scoop of ice cream drizzled with espresso and chocolate sauce, all for THB 235.

PAUL’s Easter Collection, and “Art de Vivre” menus can be enjoyed at four of their dine-in locations: Central Embassy, CentralWorld, Emporium and Megabangna, and Paul Le Cafe at IconSiam and 10 pop-up stores across Bangkok. You can also order them for delivery.

Don’t miss out on the PAUL’s Easter Collection available to purchase from April 1st to May 30th while the “Art de Vivre” menus are available from April 1st to October 30th. Visit the PAUL Website or the PAUL Facebook Page for further information regarding the menus.