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Mister Donut and Auntie Anne’s Ready for Restaurant Recovery

Two flagship bakery and beverage brands under CRG, Mister Donut and Auntie Anne’s, have welcomed a new and improved picture for restaurants as they enter the fourth quarter while pointing to better growth.

Focused on convenience, speed and changing customer expectations, they will continue expanding their outlets with a range of models and concepts tailored to customer needs. Also, both brands have embarked on a search for new locations, facilitating delivery and Omni channels as they do their best to reach the public.

Mr. Sucheep Tamacheepjareon, chief of bakery and beverage cuisine, Central Restaurants Group Co., Ltd (CRG), said that Mister Donut and Auntie Anne’s had defined proactive strategies to generate growth and adjust formats to deal with current customers’ behavior as it continues in business.

At the same time, both brands seek to access customers in and from any location to provide easier services.

According to Mr. Sucheep, the company will also be working on its new locations not only to access customers in various places and communities but also to get storefronts in each area. Moreover, it will employ strategies to favor the business with new delivery and omnichannel formats.

“This can be seen from the performance of both brands which have generated satisfactory revenues,” he added.

From April 2020 to November 2021, 50 branches have been added to Mister Donut and 35 branches to Auntie Anne’s. They also opened Mister Donut branch number 400 and Auntie Anne’s branch number 200 at Central Ayutthaya, celebrating a new landmark that corresponds with lifestyles in Ayutthaya. 

Mr. Sucheep also revealed plans for 2022, saying the company expects to add 40 to 50 more Mister Donut outlets and 20 to 30 more Auntie Anne outlets under a 150-million-baht marketing and investment plan.

They will open in the capital and other provinces, specifically in shopping centers, hypermarkets, gas stations, and universities. Some potential locations include the Central, Thai Watsadu and Robinson shopping centers.

Meanwhile, Mister Donut gives the opportunity to anyone interested to invest in the branch as it aims towards its expansion with the franchise model.

The investment formats are divided into two: Kiosk and Delco, with rates starting from 1 million baht. Potential investors can find more information on the website or through their email