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Discover the Beauty of the Faroe Islands With Bill Bensley’s Art

Creative artist Bill Bensley invites everyone to explore the globe via whimsical and lively artwork during “The Faroese Chronicle”, showcased at the Art Space by Moca Bangkok within Four Seasons Hotel, Charoen Krung Road, until July 31.

The exhibit presents a rather serious chronicle as viewed through the rose-colored perspective of the Faroese Knitting Club in the Faroe Islands.

Bensley has frequented the place for 15 years and established amazing connections with 11 quirky, occasionally downright insane, but deeply genuine friends.

This self-governing archipelago belongs to Denmark and consists of 18 rugged, volcanic islands dispersed between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic Ocean.

The artist captures the essence of the Faroe Islands and its inhabitants through 38 artworks.

Observers will leave with a comprehension that the Faroe Islands represent more than just a remote picturesque wilderness in the Arctic circle, but rather a tightly woven community that clings steadfastly to its cherished history, perhaps more than any other place on earth.

Bensley is a dedicated conservationist and passionate philanthropist who ceaselessly works to raise funds for the Shinta Mani Foundation outreach initiatives in Cambodia. Earnings from this exhibit will also benefit the foundation.

He will additionally host an exclusive “Behind The Art” discussion at the hotel’s The Library at The Lounge, followed by a painting master class on May 20.

For additional information about the event, please visit Four Seasons Hotel Bangkok’s official Facebook page.