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Thailand Cat Show 2023: Feline Lovers Excited for Annual Event

Despite the global economic crisis, the pet industry is expanding rapidly. The trend of pet humanization continues to rise, with owners treating pets as if they were their own children, buying them items that support their wellbeing.

The Thailand Cat Show 2023 is set to return for another year, taking place between March 3 and 5 at Central Ladprao. Central Pattana anticipates the pet market developing greatly and the continuous expansion of pet communities.

The fun-filled event has been running for two consecutive years over at Central Ladprao, garnering positive reviews from all who have been. In an effort to promote cat ownership, Central Pattana has teamed up with the Cat Fanciers’ Club of Thailand (CFCT Club).

Pet lovers are welcome to attend the free event, and it will be packed with a programme of interesting activities, including cat contests such as the “Black and Flawless Cat Contest Year 5” and the “Beautiful Cow Cat Year 1.”

More than 100,000 people are anticipated to be in attendance at the lively event this year, which is sure to delight attendees of all ages heading to the hugely impressive venue.

Special highlights for cat lovers include:

• CFA Thailand Cat Show 2023 – standard breed cat competition, featuring CFA certifications

• Fun Show – Purebred cat competition, featuring association-issued certifications

• The ‘Black and Flawless Cat Contest Year 5’ – Competition exclusively for black cats!

• The ‘Beautiful Cow Cat Year 1’ – Competition featuring cow patterns, for black and white cats!

• Participating in the Rakmaw Foundation’s Soi Dao Raffle, neutering of stray cats, and finding stray cats their forever homes are all good ways to help

• Thonglor Pet Hospital offer a free examination of your pet’s health

• CAT Photo Bus and ‘Cat Craft House 01’, combining handcrafted goods and crafts inspired by cats

• A cat toys workshop in conjunction with the “Lend a Hand” initiative

• “JOYO” live musical performance, as seen on the Cat Saidleb Facebook page

• Breeder Zone – Booths of high-quality cat farms come together under one roof to speak with prospective cat owners.

There will also be many opportunities for feline fans to purchase discounted products from some of the most well-known brands available in Asia including Royal Canin, Me-o, Ciao, Propland, Monchou, and Kafbo.

They can also receive a free health examination from prestigious Thonglor Pet Hospital, and people attending the show are invited to participate in the Rakmaw Foundation’s philanthropic So Dao Raffle activity.

In addition to the selection of entertaining activities offered during the event catering to all things cat-related, it will be possible for people to bring stray cats with them so they can be neutered and found new homes.

The Thailand Cat Show 2023 will be taking place from March 3 to 5, 2023 at BCC HALL, 5th floor, Central Ladprao, and promises to be a must-visit event for anyone who has a kitty furry friend, or plans to have one in the future.