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Adidas Introduces Its Timeless Superstar Sneakers in Bangkok

On Monday, Adidas, the world’s premier footwear giant, launched its timeless classic, the Superstar XLG shoes, at Central World and Siam Square One, continuing the legacy of this iconic design that’s thrived for over five decades.

The shoes were unveiled at both the Adidas Brand Center and Adidas Originals Siam Center, along with numerous participating venues throughout the city.

Additionally, there are special launch offers that have been rolled out and are set to continue until August 6th.

The Superstar XLG, a model that dates back 54 years, is known for its classic white leather uppers. The design’s distinctive bulky body perfectly encapsulates the vintage aesthetic, a throwback to the era it was born in.

For the duration of the promotional period, or while stocks last, customers buying the Superstar XLG will receive an exclusive pair of laces designed by Craft Creator, adding a touch of uniqueness to each pair.

This exclusive event is slated for July 22nd at Central World and Siam Square One, where it will only unfold in four sessions per day.

Further heightening the excitement, Adidas is offering a chance to personalize the classic Superstar XLG shoes.

Until August 6, customers can spice up their classic sneakers by purchasing up to five different decorations at participating stores, each priced at THB 250. This customization option adds a playful twist, especially to the children’s version of the shoes.

The iconic Superstar XLG sneakers are retailing for THB 4,300, while the children’s versions are available at THB 2,800 and THB 3,000, bringing a timeless piece of sneaker history to every generation.