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AIRPORTELs’ Yaowarat Chinatown Luggage Storage Facility Unveiled

For anyone visiting Yaowarat Road, the high street of Bangkok’s Chinatown, there is some good news! AIRPORTELs, the luggage storage and delivery service company operating in Bangkok and Pattaya, has recently unveiled its new location in the hugely popular area of the city which is loved by tourists from across the world, and by residents of the kingdom.

Throngs of eager explorers can now roam hands-free through the bustling streets without the strains of lugging heavy baggage around with them, as they make their way along the main thoroughfare, stopping to sample the tremendous selection of street foods on offer.

With the launching of this new Yaowarat Chinatown location, AIRPORTELs now boasts ten branches for customers to store their luggage and organize deliveries if required, so they can move about freely and conveniently, whilst maximizing their all-important travel time.

Ship Baggage Across Asia: AIRPORTELs Partners With SX Express

Yaowarat Road pulsates with life, showcasing a variety of acclaimed food stalls, traditional shops and a lively atmosphere, all under the glow of its iconic neon lights. The area gives an insight into Thai-Chinese culture, and how Chinese heritage is integral to Thai society.

AIRPORTELs’ counter on Yaowarat Road, is situated on the 2nd floor of Pichaiyat Building, a parking garage featuring commercial spaces on the first two levels. This property is just a short distance away from Chinatown Night Market and close to other tourist attractions.

At this location, the brand has established a partnership with SX Express and Logistics, an international shipping firm focused on cross-border supply chain services between China and Asian countries. SX Express is highly-regarded for its deep commitment to providing efficient door-to-door delivery at very competitive prices, ensuring fast and safe delivery.

Presently, SX Express is the exclusive provider of personal luggage delivery services from Thailand to China, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore. There’s a 24-hour online tracking system which allows clients to stay up-to-date on the status of their deliveries at all times.

This collaboration grants a seamless, and hassle-free solution for every travellers who are from Asia visiting Bangkok, enabling them to dispatch their cumbersome luggage directly back to their home countries with ease. By using the service they can significantly lighten their load, thereby continuing the vacation in a more comfortable and enjoyable manner.

Additionally, the international delivery option also liberates visitors from the constraints of airline baggage weight limits and restrictions. This gives them an excellent opportunity to shop freely, unburdened by concerns over how to transport their purchases back home.

Travel Light and Have Someone Help You With Your Heavy Luggage

Visitors who wish to send their shopping bags, suitcases or sports equipment to hotels or airports, AIRPORTELs offers an affordable and swift delivery service throughout Thailand. Customers can have complete confidence in the security of their baggage, as each item being taken care of is carefully protected with insurance coverage of up to 50,000 baht.

In addition, the insurance also covers AIRPORTELs’ baggage storage service: the counter is guarded by 24-hour CCTV surveillance, providing patrons peace of mind regarding the safety of their belongings, so that they can immerse themselves in exploring Chinatown.

When travelling, not having to lug around heavy bags offers many advantages. You enjoy the freedom of engaging in the trip, and worry less about potential theft while conserving your energy for more explorations, and discover everything that the journey has in store.

If you are somehow worried about language barriers when using the service, rest assured that AIRPORTELs’ staff can converse in Thai, English and Chinese. They are always happy to assist with any inquiries you may have regarding baggage storage or luggage delivery.

Leave your bulky, burdensome bags for AIRPORTELs to handle, and conveniently embark on a hands-free journey, maximize every moment of your trip and fully explore the vibrant Yaowarat Chinatown. This company also has other counters located in busy areas across Bangkok and Pattaya – you can check out their website for details about these locations.

AIRPORTELs’ new branch at Yaowarat Chinatown is elegantly situated on the 2nd floor of Pichaiyat Building, and it welcomes customers Monday through Friday from 9am to 6pm, and Saturday from 10am until 2pm. For further information, please head to their website.