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Asia International Hemp Expo & Forum 2023 Coming to QSNCC

Asia International Hemp Expo & Forum is returning for its second edition, with the popular show running from Wednesday, November 22 up to Sunday, November 25 on the G floor of Queen Sirikit National Convention Center (QSNCC). Interest in hemp has been surging locally since Thailand decided to decriminalize various uses of cannabis in June of 2022.

The primary goal of this annual expo is to firmly position the kingdom as a global leader in the hemp industry and to discover new opportunities and markets, particularly within Asia and Europe, placing a considerable level of emphasis on the medical and wellness fields.

Visitors will be able to uncover some of the latest products and technologies from over 14 industries, including food and drinks, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and more. Additionally, the show features a host of experts assembled to discuss relevant hemp-focused topics.

Explore Innovative Products and Technologies in the Hemp Industry

Hemp is a versatile crop that can be processed into different products with a host of uses, such as making clothing and other household items, mainly in the Northern regions of the country. Over the years, its cultivation and usage has been restricted because of the drug control policies in place locally, but current laws allow production of hemp-related goods.

Aside from the usefulness of hemp’s extremely durable fibers, the seeds of the plant have also been proven to incorporate formidable nutritional qualities. They are a rich source of proteins, essential fatty acids and minerals, often used in protein powders and hemp oils.

This expo is organized by the Thai Industrial Hemp Trade Association (TIHTA), the agency responsible for formulating and supervising the nation’s hemp policies, along with one of Thailand’s premier exhibition coordinators, N.C.C. Management & Development Co., Ltd.

More than 10,000 visitors are expected to be there, including farmers, cultivators, product owners, distributors, and investors. This event has two distinctive parts: Asia International Hemp Expo and Asia International Hemp Forum, both of which are exceptionally popular.

One of the notable aspects of hemp is its CBD (cannabidiol) products, derived from hemp extracts. AKAYA is a fantastic brand that you can check out at the show which you’ll have seen in the first of the photos above, selling relaxing CBD oil peppermint cooling sprays, noted for containing a refreshing mix of CBD extract and tea tree oil, a natural antiseptic.

Another highlight of the expo is the range of environmentally-friendly furniture made with hemp fibers, as seen above. These decorative pieces are extremely tough and are made to last, offering a stunning option for home furnishings that should stand the test of time.

30+ Renowned Speakers To Discuss a Host of Hemp-Related Topics

Visitors are also invited to join the hemp forum, where they will engage in a series of talks led by over 30 global experts. The speakers will delve into a number of subjects, ideal for anyone looking to establish a hemp business, or hoping to learn more about the industry.

A vital area of the discussion involves in-depth analysis of consumer behaviour, alongside the latest market trends. The panelists will share suggestions and advice, explaining their most effective marketing strategies to skillfully reach, and engage with, target audiences.

Other interesting topics include an analysis of the regulatory and legal framework in Asia, evaluating the best technologies for processing and extracting hemp, appraising industry investment outlooks and methods for financing projects, and exploring the ways in which hemp is used in a large range of sectors such as food, beverages, skincare, and medical.

CBD’s numerous medicinal properties will also be discussed, lauded for being effective in assisting many health issues such as reducing anxiety, increasing heart health, alleviating pain and reducing inflammation. Moreover, CBD products specifically formulated for pets is a topic likely to come up, with many pet owners keen to make use of them these days.

For anyone interested in discovering the real world of hemp production, there is a unique hemp excursion available to attend. The trip will take participants to key hubs in Thailand, offering a firsthand look at hemp cultivation, extraction, as well as other other processes.

The exhibition is set to take place from November 22 to 25, running daily from 10am until 7pm, with one-day passes available for THB 300 per person and multi-day passes priced at THB 500. Visit the Asia Hemp Expo & Forum Facebook page or website for more info.