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Why Thailand Makes an Amazing Destination for Expats To Live

Compared to many other countries, Thailand has an attractive offer for foreigners: a high standard of living with low costs of living. In addition, the nation is full of beautiful tourist destinations, tasty food, wonderful weather almost all year round, and charming people.

As inflation and fuel prices skyrocket in the United States and European countries, all the costs that families face have increased dramatically in recent times.

From food costs to higher interest rates on mortgages and car loans, many foreigners need to pay double what they used to pay for some services and necessities.

For many of those reasons, Thailand has become a good place to live a more enjoyable and profitable life, either temporarily or permanently.

Cost of Living

Statistics have shown that the average monthly cost of living in Thailand is $742, which represents about 35% of the cost of living in the United States ($2,112).

Additionally, Thailand is ranked 112th on the list of the world’s most expensive nations while the United States is ranked sixth.

Compared to the UK, where the average monthly cost of living is estimated at $1,661, Thailand ($683) has a 59% lower average cost of living.

Also, in the list of the most expensive nations in the world, the United Kingdom was ranked 16th.

Cheap Local Products

Thailand also has reasonable prices for fuel, groceries, and food. In the kingdom, there is also a high production of automobiles, furniture, and other household items.

Thailand’s strong agricultural sector helps keep food prices low, and many products produced are similar to those consumed by people living in the West.

Varied Accommodations and Affordable Public Services

Thailand is also a great option for expats due to its wide variety of accommodation options, including contemporary condos, bungalows, pool villas, luxury homes, and more.

Another attractive aspect that makes the kingdom a good destination for foreigners is the price of public services. Internet, electricity, water, gasoline, and gas are much less expensive than in other countries.

Food at Low Prices

The kingdom also offers delicious food for relatively low prices. Those planning to go out for dinner can buy a large bowl of beef noodles or rice at a roadside stand for just $1.

In addition, eating lunch at a decent restaurant might only cost $2.50 to $3.50.

Quality and Affordable Health Care

Thailand also has many specialist doctors and a strong health system with high-quality medical services.

Compared to other countries in the West, clinics, private hospitals and dentists are affordable. Moreover, patients don’t need to wait more than a day for a medical consultation.

When one considers the many reasons presented here, Thailand certainly makes for an attractive destination for many expats. If you are looking for a climate that has more good days than bad days and low costs of living, then you have chosen the right place: it is no wonder that more and more foreign nationals continue to find themselves drawn to the Land of Smiles with each passing year.