Calvin Klein’s Launches Its New “Defy Fragrance” in Thailand

Calvin Klein, one of the world’s most famous fashion and beauty brands, has brought its newest product to the Thai market: its Defy fragrance.

During these uncertain times, Calvin Klein’s new Defy fragrance arrives as a brand new product in Thailand. Its name comes from defiance, but it’s more as a symbolic hat-tip to the past and current years’ struggles and changes.

“Defy” represents the tireless efforts of those people who did everything possible and tried their hardest to resist and overcome the effects of a devastating pandemic.

Game of Thrones actor Richard Madden, who played beloved older brother Rob Stark, stars in the launch campaign.

Through abstract but meaningful images, Madden is shown while facing vulnerable, challenging, and self-reflective events that result in a courageous leap of faith.

He unveils a fragrance with very interesting notes that perfectly combine mandarin oil, violet, cedar leaf oil, lavender, and bergamot.

But Madden is not the only protagonist.

Defy fragrance’s star ingredient and foundation is vetiver oil, characterized by its earthy and woody scent similar to leather.

This captivating scent is generally known in a more masculine context and is marketed for men.

While the plant where the oil is obtained can be found in various regions across the world, Calvin Klein sources it in Haiti through a supply chain based on responsibility.

This innovative fragrance arrives in a simple and minimalist bottle. Its glass frames were designed with carved and rounded edges in contrast to sharp linear lines. The scent creators and designers have used such a combination of opposing concepts to metaphorically align the fragrance’s elements with the world-renowned brand’s image and campaign.

Moreover, the bottle cap has an embossed finish inspired in matte textured blue denim to pay tribute to Calvin Klein jeans.

Those trying to find the best options to look, feel and smell good even at home can find the brand’s new fragrance, and, where it’s available for online ordering in three sizes: 30ml (2,150 baht), 50ml (3,150 baht), 100ml (4,050 baht).