Photo Opportunities Galore This Chinese New Year at ICONSIAM

For many people, the western New Year’s celebrations can be boring: on a regular New Year’s Day, you are likely to wake up with a hangover. However, on the Chinese Lunar New Year, you will have lots of money in your possession, and who doesn’t love that!

There’s much more to Chinese New Year than receiving cold, hard cash, as marking the auspicious occasion gives you the chance to gather with your family, remember your ancestors, and feast on incredible food. 2021 is the year of the ox, and like any other Chinese New Year, people will seek out spectacular lanterns, ornaments and displays.

“The ICONSIAM Eternal Prosperity Chinese New Year 2021” features all of the decorations that are synonymous with the Lunar New Year, making it the perfect choice to explore for photography fans wishing to capture their happy moments. There’s no better place to be in Bangkok to welcome the good fortune of the year to come than ICONSIAM.

The Stunning Chinese Lanterns at ICONSIAM Are a Sight To Behold

At this memorable event, there has been a huge Chinese garden created that spans over 1,000 square meters at the River Park, beside the Chao Phraya River, and additional space for the displays has been designated on the second floor of ICONSIAM Park. The Chinese lanterns are mostly used for their aesthetic qualities and are known to symbolise booming life and prosperous business: they are still made, used, and enjoyed by Chinese people today as a means of artistic expression, both in terms of function, design, and decor.

Beautiful Peacock Decorations To Mark the Lunar New Year

The magnificent peacock decorations on display at ICONSIAM will leave you speechless: in traditional Chinese culture they are the embodiment of an auspicious bird, known to ostentatiously spread their colourful plumage and bring good fortune to people, as an emblem of beauty and dignity. In the Ming and Qing dynasties the seniority of officials could be judged by the number of peacock feathers he wore in his hat, so peacocks in decoration in the modern day can represent the wish to become an elected official.

Immortal Fenghuang Birds To Signify Harmony

The fenghuang in Chinese culture is an immortal bird, found on murals and porcelains for the nobility, and its rare appearance is an omen foretelling harmony at the ascent to the throne of a new emperor. Like the qilin (a unicorn-like creature), the fenghuang is often considered to signify both male and female elements, a yin-yang harmony; its name is a combination of the words feng (illustrating the male aspect) and huang (the female) and they were mentioned as early as the Shang dynasty in oracle-bone inscriptions.

Nine Young Dragons Blessed With Eternal Beauty

Dragons are an important symbol for the Chinese Lunar New Year, with the auspicious creatures representing power and strength as evident by the massive, colourful dragon puppets appearing at festivals to bring good luck and the teams of dancers performing traditional dragon dances. They have decorated palaces and temples since ancient times, and at ICONSIAM’s celebration this year the chosen nine dragons on display are young dragons blessed with youthful beauty and conscience, underlining cautious pleasure.

Magnificent Crane Birds: A Symbol of Longevity

Cranes, or herons as they are also referred to, are venerated in Chinese culture and play an important role in Chinese mythology as the prince of all feathered creatures by being the embodiment of longevity and peace, giving them legendary status. Since cranes fly in clear blue skies above the earth, they are symbols of cleanliness and purity: when a Taoist priest dies, there is the belief that he is turning into a feathered crane, and many people in China are firm believers that cranes carry their spirits up to heaven following their deaths.

Chinese Words To Bring Prosperity, Happiness and Wealth

You won’t want to miss the colourful and unique Chinese word decorations at ICONSIAM: the word in pink on the left means “prosperity”, and usually appears in 吉祥如意 (jí xiáng rú yì), which is a common phrase meaning “Good luck. May all your wishes come true”. The word in purple in the middle means wealth or fortune, and often appears in 富貴吉祥  (fù guì jí xiáng), another common phrase meaning “rich with gold and money” – all of the words on display make for fabulous photo opportunities that you will cherish!

Safety Comes First at ICONSIAM’s Eternal Prosperity Chinese New Year 2021

With the health concerns of revelers a top priority for the event organizers at ICONSIAM, stringent measures shall be implemented at the mall to ensure the safety of all those in attendance. Upon arrival at the event, guests will have their temperatures checked and must be wearing face masks to be admitted, whereby ICONSIAM staff will direct people to the designated zones that will have strict social distancing rules in place for visitors to adhere to, giving you peace of mind to enjoy the Chinese New Year festivities.

Easy and Convenient Travel Options to Reach ICONSIAM

There are many convenient ways to travel to ICONSIAM, with the recently opened BTS station Charoen Nakhon on the Gold Line connecting to the wider network at BTS Krung Thon Buri, as well as a free shuttle boat service to ICONSIAM from BTS Saphan Taksin that runs every day between the mall and Sathorn Pier. The mall also has extensive car parking facilities for those wishing to drive their cars or motorbikes instead of taking public transport.

The Chinese New Year period will be celebrated at ICONSIAM from February 11 to 14, and aside from the superb decorations, attendees can also boost their positive energy and blessings with prayers at ICONSIAM’s Charoennakorn Hall. Items linked to the festival to shop for include clothing, foods, home decor goods and feng-shui products to bring luck in the Year of the Golden Ox. You may wish to visit: for further details.