Swarovski and Marvel Collection Unveiled – Find Your Inner Hero!

Fueled by a spirit of heroism and self-realization, Marvel and Swarovski have joined forces to unveil a novel jewellery and home collection.

Each item is influenced by a renowned Marvel comic book figure, portrayed with outstanding savoir-faire and meticulousness. Swarovski’s masterful cutting showcases each Super Hero’s signature appearance with remarkable authenticity from every perspective.

This signifies the inaugural collaboration between Swarovski and Marvel, providing Swarovski creative director Giovanna Engelbert an opportunity to delve into the qualities of power, bravery, and accountability through crystals.

Drawing upon the 84-year heritage of Marvel and the way Marvel characters encourage everyone to discover their inner hero, the partnership highlights the strength and sophistication of crystals in innovative and unforeseen manners.

Swarovski has crafted eight jewellery items, five crystal figurine collectibles, and a series of stickers featuring Marvel super heroes such as Spider-Man, Black Panther, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and the Hulk. Each radiant piece embodies energy and positivity, designed to unleash your internal super hero.

“Stan Lee was a master storyteller. He has given the world some incredibly influential and exciting super heroes, so it has been a genuine honour to delve into these Marvel favourites and express their individual qualities with our crystals,” states Engelbert.

The comprehensive Swarovski and Marvel collection encompasses:


Spider-Man’s signature mask is displayed in bracelet and pendant styles with skillfully arranged red and black precision-cut crystal pavé. Two Spider-Man crystal figurine collectibles in blue and red join the collection, one showcasing 955 facets, depicting the Super Hero in a web-slinging stance, and another crafted from 36,500 sparkling crystals portraying Spider-Man in a classic upside-down pose on a New York City streetlamp. This limited-edition piece takes 243 hours to finish.

Black Panther

Honoring the King of Wakanda, a selection of crystallized Black Panther jewellery embodies the Wakandan spirit of innovation, featuring a vivid motif ring, a lifelike 3D pendant on a lengthy chain, and a mask-inspired pendant adorned with purple crystals. An elegant Black Panther crystal figurine collectible dons his iconic vibranium suit, expertly designed with 649 facets.

Captain Marvel

Women’s empowerment is commemorated with a brilliant multicoloured ring showcasing Captain Marvel’s emblematic symbol of cosmic power, bravery, and light. Prepared for liftoff, Captain Marvel is depicted as a limited-edition crystal figurine collectible composed of 10,000 crystals.

Iron Man

A multifunctional jewellery item that serves as both a 3D pendant and brooch embodies Iron Man’s inspiring energy, while a 723-facet Iron Man crystal figurine collectible brings the character to life with a level of innovative artistry that Tony Stark would admire.


The Hulk bursts into the collection with a striking fist of green crystals on a gold-tone plated bracelet, while the Hulk crystal figurine collectible unveils the precise details of the character’s distinctive muscles and incredible strength, skillfully cut from 578 facets.

The Swarovski and Marvel jewellery and crystal figurine collectibles can be found online and in Swarovski stores. Visit