Swatch Unveils Iconic Peanuts Watch Collection in Thailand

Can you think of a way to bring Charlie Brown, Snoopy, Woodstock and other Peanuts gang members always with you? There’s actually one! And it’s called the Swatch X Peanuts Collection.

Charles M. Schulz’s iconic characters from his almost 18,000 strips promise to deliver fun for the wrist through a colorful adventure filled with great and unforgettable moments.

Swatch embarked on a new journey into the Peanuts comic strips, which became one of the most popular comic strips of all time and a staple in pop culture, to create six watch designs that reflect and celebrate each character’s characteristics and peculiarities.

The watches have sharp silhouettes and bright colors true to the brand’s DNA. With attention to detail, Swatch created and designed each piece intelligently and innovatively, with specific references to Peanuts’ hit cosmic strips, including some that people can when find looking beyond.

The Gent and New Gen glass and case featured in watches are made of bio-sourced materials. Also, the brand has added the signature Peanuts logo on each model’s silicone bracelet.

Each style watch comes in specially designed packaging, allowing fans who collect all six designs to have a bespoke frame to display all the watches together.

The Grande Bracchetto, where two worlds collide, arrives as the first style watch and shows Snoopy with the Swiss flag as a nod to Swatch’s roots. With a particular monochromatic strap, this exemplar has been specially designed to capture Snoopy’s alter egos.

The second watch in the Swatch and Peanuts Collection is inspired by Lucy, an ambitious girl with a great personality. The Klunk! perfectly captures Lucy’s sassy energy, with a design that shows her “kicking” the dial’s numbers and a strap that houses different facets of this character.

HeeHeeHee, the third in the collection, arrives as the funniest model, featuring Snoopy while dancing on the dial and a puzzled Woodstock on the strap. This watch was designed under a more minimalist approach, and it’s entirely blue with monochrome and yellow details. It’s also available in an iconic 210cm Maxi version.

As the fourth model, there’s the Smak! New Gent, a Swatch’s retro version inspired by Peanut’s 1960s-70s era. It features the complete comic strip, giving some space to all the characters –Lucy, Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock, Sally, Linus, and his trusty blanket.

The fifth watch, the Pow Wow New Gent, is perfect for Charlie Brown fans. This bright yellow model has been created to celebrate this beloved character’s clumsy nature and misfortune, especially on the black and white strap, where he can be seen facing many baseball mishaps and guises.

And, finally, there’s the First Base, a watch that pays homage to the most popular sport in the Peanuts neighborhood and brings the gang together with a dial featuring all its characters. On the watch’s hands, a catching glove chases a baseball.

Prices for watches start from 2,800 baht and are available online through and in Swatch stores.