Tops Vita’s Outstanding Range of Vitamins and Supplements

Tops Vita, under Central Retail Corporation (CRC), Thailand’s leading mall operator, stocks many premium vitamin and supplement brands, sold in-store and through its e-commerce retail platform. Tops is, of course, widely-recognised among consumers in Thailand as the largest supermarket chain in the kingdom, offering high quality imported and local goods.

Customers can shop for some of the world’s best vitamin and supplement brands from 29 branches across the country. Most of their stores have adopted an in-supermarket format, while the other shops have been integrated within Tops Care, the healthy lifestyle retailer.

Launching last year, Tops Vita has soon become popular with those in Thailand looking to maintain or enhance their health and appearance, who are reassured to know that all the products available are 100% genuine, having been approved for certification by the FDA.

Exclusive, World-Class Brands for Health-Conscious Consumers

With the Covid-19 pandemic still etched on most people’s minds, interest in health-related products has gone up greatly. A weakened immune system increases the risk of bacterial and viral infections, therefore boosting one’s immunity via foods and supplements is vital.

It is not just immunity that can be improved by taking daily supplements. Beauty, skin, and hair health can all benefit from deciding upon the correct products, as can weight control, ability to sleep properly, mood regulation, bone and nerve function, and digestive health.

For those who wish to enhance their heart and circulatory systems, bone and joint health, or perhaps sexual function, then the right intake of essential vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients is pivotal. Tops Vita carries many of the best imported vitamin brands as you can see from the photos below, helping you to achieve your specific health goals.

NOW Foods is one of the many excellent brands available to purchase. Its range includes the popular Calcium & Magnesium supplement, with calcium a crucial mineral for healthy bones and teeth: diet alone doesn’t provide enough calcium so supplements are a must.

The Sunflower Lecithin supplement may help to reverse fatty liver disease, a major cause of liver cirrhosis, type-2 diabetes and liver cancer. NOW’s Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) supplements are great if you want to lose body fat without sacrificing lean muscle mass.

Another tremendous brand to discover at Tops Vita is Nature’s Way: Apple Cider Vinegar supplements are one of its most sought after products, known to speed up metabolisms, and lower cholesterol levels. If you prefer to take vitamins in tablet form, try the 1200 mg Max Strength product, or the Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies if you prefer to chew them.

Conveniently and Affordably Supporting Your Nutritional Needs

The use of supplements for health and wellness is rising with industry giant NutraScience Labs calculating that the global dietary supplement market will go up to $272.4 billion by 2028 which will in a large part be due to increased health awareness among consumers.

In a perfect world, you would get all of the vitamins required for optimal health from your diet alone. However in reality, when you factor in the time and cost needed to shop for a complete spectrum of nutritionally-balanced foods, it is far more likely that you can keep up a regular routine of taking vitamins and supplements, as you strive to remain healthy.

Tops Vita is leading the way when it comes to providing people in Thailand with superior supplements, whether they are being purchased by men looking to improve their health, women aiming to live their best lives, or parents of kids who require additional nutrients.

Life Extension is one of the leaders in nutritional science, operating for over 40 years. An impressive line-up of the acclaimed products are available at Tops Vita, such as the Plant Protein Complete, that can be seen above: it’s a vanilla flavored, plant-based pea protein powder that bolsters muscle mass, boosts energy levels, and reduces feelings of hunger.

Swisse is another of the top-selling brands available for shoppers to consider. Odourless 1,000 mg Fish Oil capsules are perfect for anyone who could do with a natural source of omega 3 oils: they help to build brain and nerve cells, that enable learning and memory.

Also check out the Australian premium supplement brand Springleaf, who source natural extracts to the highest standards, to produce better supplements for you and your loved ones. Other big-name brands include Centrum, Blackmores, Eucerin, and Pharma Nord.

All in all, Tops Vita is certainly a go-to store for anyone living in Thailand or visiting, eager to buy products focused on their health and wellbeing: if you lead a busy, hectic life then its range of vitamins and supplements are an ideal way of fulfilling your nutritional needs. There are plenty of must-buy items, either in-store or on their website

Some of the most centrally-located Tops Vita stores in Bangkok include Central Chidlom, Central World, Silom Complex, and Central Rama 9. Central Bangna on Bang Na-Trat Rd, and Fashion Island on Ramintra Rd in Khan Na Yao District, are their two largest stores.

Tops Vita also has in-supermarket stores in Central Festival Chiang Mai, Central Phuket, Central Rayong, Central Udon Thani, Central Hat Yai, as well as Central Khon Kaen.