LINE FASHION ANNUALE Brings Together 14 Thai Fashion Brands

The LINE FASHION ANNUALE campaign will bring together 14 Thai fashion brands this year, allowing them to demonstrate their potential and unsurpassed quality in the world.

LINE Thailand’s pioneering project was created to give SME Thai fashion brands the opportunity to learn to rise professionally.

Under the concept, on Monday, October 25, all brands will reveal their pre-collection for the first time at a live nationwide variety show.

The “LINE FASHION ANNUALE: Pre-Collection,” set to be held starting at 08:00 pm. onwards via LINE: @lineshopppingth, invites all Thais to enjoy the event’s four highlights, which no fashionista or shopper will want to miss.

After spending nine months from the first selection with over 500 brands to the final round, the 14 finalists are ready to unveil their fashion items in the pre-collection, including a variety of alternatives for men, women, and unisex.

In the pre-collection, which also presents footwear and accessories, the following brands will participate: LUBNA, ALLA MODA, EVERYDAY APPARELS, PETCHPLOY, FLAT2112, ROCE, TINYYYSTYLE, SALAWAN, ROSEROMPSTUDIO, GROUNDER, COMMON COTTON or CMCT, SAAMU, JITTRAKARN or CMCT, SAAMU, JITTRAKARN STUDIOS.

The LINE FASHION ANNUALE also promises an action-packed experience through a live variety show with fashion celebrities, including Ploi Horwang, “Pingpong” Thongchai Thongkanthom, “Mo” Jiratchaya Sirimongkolnawin, “Gina” Virahya Pattarachokchai, and the Boys Love imaginary couple, “Yin” Anan Wong and “War” Wanarat Ratsameerat.

All fashion stars will be part of the “mix and match” mission, with outfits from all 14 brands and other fun missions involving choosing outfits for all situations and a battle where only one team can win.

The brands have also based on the “wanderlust” theme to create their fashion and convey fun and adventure through garments and accessories inspired by beaches, tribes, sunsets, mountains, or even the city of fashion, Paris.

Finally, those who find a fashion item they like can support Thai brands by shopping exclusively from the live show’s date onwards through LINE SHOPPING.

For news and more information, please check LINE: @lineshoppingth and Facebook page: LINE SHOPPING Thailand.