20 Years of Best Western Hotels and Resorts in Asia

With the 20th anniversary of the launch of its first office in Bangkok, Best Western Hotels and Resorts celebrates two decades of professional excellence on the continent that saw it born as an emerging travel destination and became a chain with more than 4,700 hotels worldwide.

The hotel group anticipated the beginning of the “Asian century” and developed an international strategy aimed at the most attractive markets in the region that catapulted it to success.

In 2001, the first Best Western Hotels & Resorts Asia office arrived at All Seasons Place in the heart of Bangkok, initially overseeing a portfolio of hotels in Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Twenty years later, Best Western Hotels & Resorts in Bangkok supports a regional portfolio of world-class hotels and resorts in eight countries.

Best Western Hotels & Resorts’ growth was driven by a strategic vision that transformed the tourism business in Indonesia, Japan, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam. It went from being a single brand hotel company to diverging into a modern, first-class, and multi-faceted hotel group.

Now, it offers a comprehensive collection of 18 industry-leading brands aimed at serving all market sectors.

Best Western Hotels & Resorts has something valuable for every traveler, from economy to luxury in idyllic destinations. In 2019, the historic acquisition of the distinguished collection WorldHotels completed a vast catalog of luxury and high-end options in Asia’s most prominent cities.

Eight innovative brand concepts define Best Western Hotels & Resorts’ presence in Southeast Asia and Japan, but there is more to come.

Best Western Hotels & Resorts is making its way as a leading hotel chain by opening the Best Western Premier Sapphire Halong in Vietnam — as the largest Asian hotel — and working on other forward-looking plans that will allow it to provide outstanding experiences across the region.