F Physio Clinic: World-Class Physiotherapy in Bangkok

As Bangkok’s population continues to grow, so too does the need for local physiotherapy services. To help meet the increasing demand, a new physiotherapy clinic called F Physio Clinic in Thaniya Plaza, Silom has recently opened up, providing a range of treatments to anyone who has the need to strengthen the condition of their musculoskeletal health.

Since opening their doors, the clinic at Thaniya Plaza has been a popular choice with the public by offering solutions for rehabilitation, post-surgical treatments and sports injuries. Patients may also be suffering from office syndrome, bone and joint problems, or muscle pain from sitting for prolonged periods of time, and lifting up items that are too heavy.

Those struggling with physical impairments can turn to the team at F Physio Clinic to help you with the pain that you might have, who are on hand to provide expert guidance, from starting with an assessment, right up until you have finished your treatment. You can rest assured that you are in the right hands at F Physio Clinic, who work vigorously to choose the right therapies which are correctly-aligned with your specific health problems.

Cutting-Edge Treatments by Experienced Physical Therapists

Your first visit to F Physio Clinic will begin with an assessment by a physiotherapist, who is going to take a thorough, subjective history by asking various questions about symptoms, past medical history, any medications that you are taking, as well as your current levels of physical activity. There is also a questionnaire to fill in which the staff will assist you with.

For an accurate assessment of the specific areas requiring treatment, the physiotherapist will carry out a closer physical examination with the goal of assessing your strength, joint range of motion, balance, coordination, walking, posture and functional capacity. You will then consult with your physical therapist about the findings of the assessment, who shall then set about drawing up a treatment plan to kick-start your return to optimal health.

The resulting plan will recommend the best treatment options for you, likely to be based around a combination of manual techniques along with shockwave therapy, high-power laser therapy, and ultrasound therapy. Below, we have more information on the various treatment programs which F Physio Clinic have devised as being the most effective.

F Physio Clinic’s Experts Work Hard To Improve Your Health

It is undoubtedly a massive burden to continually be in discomfort from aching muscles or joints, one which is likely to impede your capacity to completely enjoy life. That may mean you are forced to abandon your favourite activities, such as being able to play for a sports team, or if a job depends on you being physically active, it may become compromised.

Therefore, it is important that you make the effort to treat any problems arising as soon as you can, knowing the significance of maintaining your mobility as you go through your life. Manual therapy techniques center on your physiotherapist’s skilled hand movements and passive movements of joints and soft tissue, playing a vital role in any treatment program: Joints and Soft Tissue Mobilization, and Deep Friction Massage are popular examples.

When used in the right situation, manual therapy is a useful tool in a health professional’s toolbox. Joints and Soft Tissue Mobilization is effective for increasing a patient’s range of motion and mechanics of joints, whereas Deep Friction Massage releases the tension in muscles, and is a deterrent to adherent scars forming through transverse massage.

F Physio Clinic’s therapists have some of the best equipment on the market for managing the pain of patients. Their clinic provides High-Power Laser Therapy, as seen above, with Multi-wave Lock System (MLS) machines treating conditions such as joint pain, knee pain, and lumbar pain: it is highly popular due to being a painless and non-invasive treatment.

Ultrasound is another option, where high-frequency sound waves emitted by a device are used to repair deep tissue injuries by increasing blood circulation and cell activity, aiming to reduce pain and spasms, as well as speeding up healing. Also, Shock Wave Therapy is something to consider, involving the breaking up of irritating calcium deposits by making use of a pneumatic generator that produces high-density, super-charged sound waves.

Aside from the mechanical devices used by F Physio Clinic to treat an array of problems, their physical therapists also advise on lifestyle modifications and ergonomics. An active and passive streching routine will greatly benefit anyone who needs physiotherapy, as shall a therapeutic exercise program using items such as gym balls in our main photo.

How To Find F Physio Clinic in Popular Thaniya Plaza, Silom

Thaniya Plaza is the large retail center in Bangkok’s Silom area which recently had a major renovation, its biggest makeover in the last thirty years. The establishment, well known for having many renowned golf stores, stretches over 14,500 square meters in size, meaning that it can be quite challenging to find your way around without winding up totally lost.

F Physio Clinic patients have different transportation modes to get to the center, the most convenient being driving, taking a taxi, or going on the BTS and MRT train services. Silom MRT station is just a short stroll to Thaniya Plaza, made simple by heading for the skywalk which connects to Sala Daeng BTS station – you will notice in the first of the photos seen below just how close the BTS is to the retail center that is home to the F Physio Clinic.

In fact, as that same photo shows, the BTS station is directly connected to the complex, so if you are travelling by BTS then all you have to do is follow the signs for exit 1 – when you see the entrance to Thaniya Plaza, walk in. You’ve almost reached F Physio Clinic.

You will see the sign, as seen above, when you are walking towards the clinic on the third floor, displaying the Life & Leisure area. The premises of other health practitioners near to F Physio Clinic, including PHIM Medical Clinic, Thaniya Dental Clinic, and Thaniya Medical Clinic, are worth noting down as landmarks to look out for when heading to the facility.

The F Physio Clinic team work hard to provide essential physiotherapy services to people in the Bangkok area, helping them to manage pain, balance, mobility, and motor function. It is truly an outstanding clinic, open daily for treatments from 10am through to 8pm.

Please visit: and Facebook to send F Physio Clinic messages for bookings, add LINE: @fphysio or telephone for appointments on: 096-881-7201.