F REHAB Safety Measures, Redcord Suspension System

F REHAB leads the market in the Bangkok area when it comes to physical therapy and rehabilitation services through a multidisciplinary approach to treating patients that has resulted in an exemplary track record to stand out among their rivals. Incorporated in 2019, F REHAB have built a superb reputation by giving people access to premium medical care at convenient locations, available to everyone in Bangkok.

With their customers’ well-being at the forefront of their minds, F REHAB’s owners have implemented strict safety and hygiene measures to give peace of mind to those who are visiting their facilities for face to face appointments. They are operating in accordance to government guidelines and are enforcing the necessary safeguarding protocols to keep you and the staff healthy, allowing for safe treatment amid the ongoing pandemic.

Samyan Mitrtown and The Parq are where the two F REHAB clinics are situated, both of which are prominent developments conveniently next to MRT Samyan and Queen Sirikit stations respectively – below, we will discuss the health procedures at the two locations and update on the latest Redcord equipment that F REHAB have recently introduced.

Strict Precautionary Measures Implemented To Offer Peace of Mind

Both of the F REHAB clinics are now open for face to face consultations and patients can book appointments for treatment to manage their musculoskeletal conditions, safe in the knowledge that there will be attentive personnel on hand to assist those in pain during this stressful period and to help rebuild their fitness after illness, surgery or injuries.

The management teams at the two centers are closely monitoring the Covid-19 situation and have put procedures in place that adhere to the guidelines of the Ministry of Public Health (MOPH) and the Physical Therapy Association of Thailand (PTAT) to ensure the safety of all. The welfare of customers is the top priority for F REHAB, who are doing everything within their power to maintain the highest of hygiene standards.

As part of their preparation to accommodate their visitors better, the staff in both clinics have been made to regularly take a self-administered antigen test every seven days to guarantee that they are well protected and fit to be working within the area. They have also set a maximum limit of 4 to 6 people, including their employees, to be inside the premises at each time to avoid overcrowding and other unnecessary exposure.

Friendly, Helpful Staff Available To Make Your Visit Hassle-Free

F REHAB have ensured that their employees based at Samyan Mitrtown and The Parq are fully trained in all Covid-19 safety and hygiene protocols to make your visit to one of their centers a pleasant, convenient experience. Please take note of the following measures:

• Telephone, email or message F REHAB via Facebook to book an appointment

• Complete a Covid-19 online risk assessment form prior to your appointment

• Visitors are asked to make use of the hand sanitizer available in front of the entrance

• Staff will record your temperature and then provide guidance as to whether you may enter the clinic or not based upon the results

• Scan the government Thai Chana QR code to check-in and check-out from the center

• Place footwear into the designated shoe racks and change into the slippers provided

• A maximum of 1 hour to 1.5 hours will be allowed for each patient’s session

Safety is paramount to the stakeholders of F REHAB and they continually monitor the latest updates to maintain the first-class service that their patients expect from them.

Redcord System Treats Pain Using Neuromuscular Activation

If you are faced with muscles or joints that are constantly paining you, then you will know that it’s an extremely stressful situation that will limit your ability to fully enjoy living. It may be that this constant pain leaves you with no choice but to abandon your favourite things to do in life, whether they be participating in sports activities, or running around trying to keep up with your energetic children or younger relatives.

Undoubtedly, it can be a miserable existence if you have to manage your long-lasting pain by taking medications that deliver temporary relief to cope with the discomfort. Thankfully, people who are suffering do not have to be resigned to their fate, as there are plenty of other options to help improve their quality of living with effective treatments to reduce chronic pain and prevent more issues developing further down the line.

One of these options is Redcord’s pioneering suspension system, which F REHAB have brought to their Samyan Mitrtown branch for patients to get the best available treatment – originating from Norway in the early 1990’s, the equipment utilizes anti-gravity technology and sling-based exercises to give attention to neuromuscular activation (NEURAC).

Redcord’s equipment allows therapists to use suspension exercise methods to diagnose neuromuscular issues and restore normal musculoskeletal function for F REHAB patients. The revolutionary system incorporates ropes and slings to test and correct dysfunction and treat problems involving backs, shoulders, pelvic areas, chronic pain of knees and ankles, post-op rehabilitation and joint disorders.

The techniques involve the careful suspension of clients, combined with vibrations from the Redcord apparatus, prompting the neuromuscular system along the kinetic chains to restore function, core strength and joint stability. Weak links in the chain are discovered, as your body’s stability is challenged by being repositioned and having various levels of tension gradually applied to it during the course of your treatment.

There are a number of common factors that lead to weaknesses revealing themselves, which usually involve inactive lifestyles, pain, injuries and repetitive movements. People tend to easily develop habits where they consequently end up shifting stress into other areas of the body away from where the initial complaint had first occurred.

Neurac Method Focuses on an Active Treatment Approach

Aside from the benefit of not causing any pain or injury during the treatment, Neurac is a recommended method of rehabilitation due to its emphasis on identifying the underlying cause of the problem and not just focusing on the symptoms. This preventative approach is safely carried out at F REHAB by practitioners who are required to complete Redcord Active Introduction courses to be able to provide care to patients.

Some of the common ailments that Redcord’s system can treat include office syndrome, sports injuries and shoulder pain caused by shoulder impingement syndrome or rotator cuff syndrome. Additionally, those recovering from post-spine surgery or knee tendon repair surgery should consider Redcord treatment at F REHAB Samyan Mitrtown.

To book an appointment telephone: 02-219-1505, message F REHAB via Facebook Page: or through LINE Official Account: @fastrehab