Panpuri Unveil Range of Herbal Cannabis-Bath Experiences

From now until September, people can enjoy all that Panpuri wellness experts have to offer.

They invite the public to relax through a new holistic cannabis wellness experience. Panpuri is making history with Thailand’s first and so far only cannabis-related wellness and relaxation service.

The luxurious spa promises a unique experience with destressing journeys based on the aromatic and sticky plant, beginning with a cannabis herbal bath. Customers can surround themselves with the relaxing and delicious aroma of its buds laced with notes of sweet basil, rosemary, and lavender for a higher peace and calm level.

The herbal bag also includes local herbs such as plai, a member of the ginger family widely used for muscle and joint relief.

Among the Thai herbs, the spa also chose lemongrass to boost immunity and promote skin health and zedoary. The latter is a relative of turmeric that reduces skin inflammation and swelling.

The second stage starts with the steam room and the Himalayan salt sauna, where the terpene oil and the cannabis leaf take the leading role.

The two elements help people achieve an enlightened level of calm while purifying their skin and eliminating toxins. Then there’s the wellness bar, the perfect spot for customers to cleanse their bodies with a cannabis-infused menu created by Panpuri nutritionists.

The high-leaf, no-grass alternatives are made with ingredients grown in northern Thailand, such as Vietnamese coriander, avocado, tomatoes, spinach, riceberry, and mulberry.

Those who want to enjoy Panpuri’s cannabis holistic wellness experience for themselves can visit Panpuri Wellness on the 12th floor of the Gaysorn Tower every weekend. They can also call 02-253-8899 for more information.