VIVID by Verita Health Offer Immune-Boosting Supplements

Amid an unprecedented pandemic, modern people are looking for convenient and effective solutions to maintain a resilient immune system regardless of the city where they are.

Experienced doctors and experts have stated that the first way to keep the body’s defenses strong is to start from within.

VIVID Bangkok, known for its vitamin infusions, is expanding its offering to include a series of supplements and specific immunity packages to meet the changing demands of a clientele striving to care for their well-being.

Its supplements offer five tested formulations created by a team of medical specialists and professionals.

VIVID’s brand-new range of supplements is carefully combined to address specific ailments while providing clients with endless benefits. Guests can begin their supplementation course with a consultation with the company’s trained medical team, using lab tests to measure potentially harmful metal levels in the blood, examine the liver, and more.

The five tested formulations include the Immunity Booster, which protects against illness and fatigue, and the Brain Booster, which improves overall brain function.

The group also comprises the Stress Buster to combat the daily tolls of modern life, the Energy Booster to increase energy function while fighting fatigue, and the Sleep Booster to sleep faster and enjoy better sleep quality.

VIVID Bangkok, located in the courtyard of the Anantara Siam Bangkok Hotel, gives clients a limited offer with two packages focused on immunity.

They include Immunity IV Drip, Vit D3 Booster, and O-Zone Therapy. For more information on the supplements or consult with the VIVID medical team, you can contact them at