“Beautiful Roads” Project Aims To Improve Bangkok’s Cityscape

The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA) is launching a new initiative focused on enhancing traffic islands and areas under highways, as well as upgrading public walkways.

Bangkok governor Chadchart Sittipunt mentioned that “Beautiful Roads” is a collaborative venture involving the BMA, its Public Works Department,  the Environment Department, and the Traffic and Transport Department.

The emphasis is on upgrading the comprehensive aesthetics of streets, encompassing the refurbishment of road surfaces, traffic signals, and light poles, along with the rearrangement of street food sellers and the roadside surroundings.

Mr Chadchart conveyed that the initiative will focus on three primary avenues in Bangkok: Ram Intra Road (the Pink Line train section), Ramkhamhaeng Road (Lam Sali-Min Buri section of the Orange Line) and Lat Phrao-Srinakarin Road (Yellow Line section).

Regarding Ram Intra Road and Lat Phrao-Srinakarin Road, he noted the BMA along with the Department of Highways plan to begin planting trees in January of the forthcoming year.

Meanwhile, the walkways on Ramkhamhaeng Road are set to undergo renovations, with tree plantations scheduled for March.

Furthermore, more trees will be cultivated on roadway islands and walkways in 14 zones, amounting to 34 kilometres.

The strategy is anticipated to reach its conclusion this year, whilst other significant avenues in Bangkok are set to undergo a similar transformation next year, Mr Chadchart stated, noting that the Environment Department is tasked with monitoring the progress.

Furthermore, the Public Works Department has kick-started the “Beautiful Roads” project in regions beneath overpasses and highways, including spaces under the Na Ranong Intersection overpass, the Tha Phra subterranean tunnel, and other locations overseen by the BMA for development.

The governor of Bangkok further stated that the Traffic and Transport Department will establish an additional lane exclusively for motorcycles to ensure increased safety during the ongoing road renovation efforts.