Chonky Cat Luckily Survives 6th Floor Fall, Breaks Car Window

A chonky cat named Shifu, who plummeted from the sixth floor of a Bangkok condominium, was responsible for breaking the window of a red MG sedan, as reported by the vehicle’s owner.

Surprisingly, the kitty did not sustained any critical injuries from this dramatic fall.

The cat, Shifu, suffered nothing more than two broken nails as a result of its descent from the high-rise, subsequently landing on the sedan, shared the car’s owner.

“Update on Shifu, or Master Shifu from Kung Fu Panda. Everything is normal, Shifu can eat, and can excrete normally.”

“There was no swelling or bruising anywhere, only 2 fingers of the nail had come off and small wounds,” Apiwat, the owner of the car, posted this update on Facebook, reflecting on Shifu’s miraculous escape from serious harm.

Weighing a substantial 8.5 kg, Shifu emerged from his tumble relatively unharmed on that fateful Saturday morning.

The condo’s manager reported that the CCTV captured Shifu’s adventure in detail, showing the chunky cat first landing on the third floor before taking another fall onto the vehicle below.

Amid the scattered glass shards, Shifu was found underneath the damaged car, appearing bewildered yet unharmed after the incident.

Despite the havoc wreaked on his sedan, Apiwat voiced his willingness to pardon both Shifu and his owner for the unfortunate accident.

However, the no-pets policy of the condominium was a factor that could not be overlooked. Orrasa, the condo manager, as identified by the media, ensured the owner faced a THB1,000 penalty for breaching this policy.