Fight Erupted Between Thai and Filipina Ladyboys in Sukhumvit

Chaos broke out around 3:30am this morning near a hotel located on Sukhumvit Soi 11, where a violent clash erupted between Thai and Filipina transgender individuals.

This incident followed an earlier clash at 5am on Monday, during which the Thai group claimed they were provoked, insulted, and physically attacked by the Filipinos (20 Filipinos against four Thais).

The situation escalated as the Thai group demanded justice, prompting a significant law enforcement deployment from Lumpini Police Station to stabilize the situation and seek a peaceful resolution.

The confrontation grew as the Thai group, comprising about one hundred, refused to give up, taking over the area in front of the hotel where the Filipina group was staying.

The standoff continued into the night, with the Thai group vocally demanding “Thailand!” and “Get out!” while the Filipinas, visibly shaken, refused to leave their rooms.

By around 3:30am, a small squad of police officers arrived to form a barrier around the hotel and began escorting the first two individuals from the Philippines away amid the commotion.

Despite the Royal Thai Police’s loudspeaker broadcasts urging non-violence, the situation deteriorated into chaos with the Thai group throwing bottles at the Filipinas as they came out of the premises.

Some members of the Thai group managed to bypass the police blockade and initiate physical confrontations with the Filipinas, who were dressed in white hoodies and dark glasses.

The police faced difficulties in controlling the outbreak of violence, which saw the Thai individuals forcefully bring the Filipinas to the forefront of the hotel to escalate the confrontation.

In the end, the authorities were able to step in, detaining both the attackers and the victims, and took them to Lumpini Police Station. Details on the number of arrests and the state of the injured were not specified.