General’s Son Shoots Famous Girlfriend Before Killing Himself

In an incident where a renowned internet celebrity and an Air Force cadet were found shot dead in a high-end condominium in Bangkok’s Asoke district on Wednesday, authorities have determined the cause to be domestic violence.

Based on the police investigation, 19-year-old Miss Supitcha Prechajaroen, also known as Gigi, was fatally shot by her boyfriend, Phumiphat Chaiwanichaya, who went by Ikkyu, also 19. Ikkyu was a cadet at the Armed Forces Academies Preparatory School and the son of a General.

Subsequently, Ikkyu took his own life by self-inflicted gunshot. It was concluded that he had died next to Gigi on the bed.

Investigators found a 9mm pistol at the scene, which they suspect Ikkyu made use of in the homicide.

After examining Ikkyu’s social media profiles, authorities uncovered his fixation on guns. Numerous videos showed him participating in rifle shooting practice.

Text messages also exposed Ikkyu’s repeated threats of physical harm to his girlfriend. This includes a message warning to shoot her if she did not answer the phone: “I will definitely shoot you.”

Gigi’s father revealed that his daughter terminated the relationship with Ikkyu two months prior due to his violent tendencies. He questioned how Ikkyu had access to firearms.

Males assaulting or murdering their girlfriends or spouses has become commonplace news across all social strata, particularly in instances of jealousy or when a woman seeks to end a relationship.

A 2021 survey by the Foundation for the Promotion of Social Equality Together found that at least seven Thai women experienced physical, emotional, health, and social harm daily for as long as they were admitted women.

Annually, around 30,000 cases of violence against women are reported, making it one of the highest numbers globally.